This Pet Chicken Got Baby Arms To Help Her Look Hilarious In Photos

We’ve already featured chicken tutus, but it looks like it’s not the only absurd item chicken owners are getting for their pets. Lately they have been making chicken arms! We couldn’t find where to buy these, but you can easily make them yourself: it’s just a couple of doll arms strapped together with a metal wire.

Chicken with doll arms.

The internet has been getting a giggle out of a chicken named Sparkle who was photographed wearing plastic doll arms that made it look like one of those swole dudes you can often see in your local gym or under the fitness hashtag on Instagram. The owner Shell Critter got a package recently and inside it was a letter from someone named Uncle Brian as well as a hilarious prop – chicken arms.

Chicken arms!

Sear Sparkle...

Without any hesitation, she quickly unpackaged the arms, put them on Sparkle, and snapped photos, resulting in comedy gold. You see, the way the chicken’s feathers grow, it already looks like it’s sporting some proper muscles, so sticking on some muscly human arms is only appropriate. As for the letter, it was written by a man who signed off as Uncle Brian. Shell explained that he is a Facebook friend and a huge fan of Sparkle.

Chicken reading a letter.

Shell is a proud owner of 52 pets – she practically has a zoo at this point! “I have 52 Pets: 35 rescued birds – from a Macaw to Amazons to little Budgies. I also have 8 dogs, 9 cats, 2 goats, and a new house rooster named Apple – the Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot named him,” she explained.

Chicken with doll arms.

Chicken with doll arms.

Chicken with doll arms.

If you wish to see the original post that started all this, head over to Shell’s Facebook and don’t forget to hit the Like button.



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  1. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    …if rugby players were chickens…there you go.

  2. Erick brown June 19, 2020

    Does anyone have video of these chickens bearing arms?

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