People Sharing The Most Embarrassing Moments Of Their Lives

Whether it’s accidentally  mistaking a random car for a taxi or crashing someone’s wedding, we’ve all made a complete fool out of ourselves at some point in our lives. And that’s why you should stop beating yourself about yours. When Twitter user Andy Ryan posted his most embarrassing story, people immediately started responding to it with their own cringeworthy memories. Scroll down to see the best ones!

I was in a park and a lady loudly called out "Anyone who wants an ice cream come over here". I headed over with several others. She handed out ices to them all then asked me "Who are you?". I realised the rest were all her family. 30 years later I still cringe.

My aunt wandered into an open air restaurant in Greece, sat down, she had no Greek, they no English. So she pointed at what others were having, they brought her wine and food. Only when she tried to pay and they refused did she realise she'd just crashed someone's wedding party.

When I was 7 I was going back to school shopping for new shoes & I saw a pair of shoes next to a box on the floor so I tried them on & walked around in them & this girl looked at me absolutely horrified and told me to give her shoes back.

My sister was making a peanut butter sandwich when she quickly needed to change my nephew's diaper. While changing the diaper she saw some peanut butter on her arm and licked it off. It wasn't peanut butter.

Walked in to work one day and everybody was standing around looking somber. I loudly asked, "jeez, who died?" At that moment, the guy whose custodial grandma just died, turned to face me with tears in his eyes.

When I was 2 or 3 I saw a framed photo of some baby on my mother’s dresser and got so jealous I threw it on the floor. The photo was of me.

I'm pretty sure I carjacked a nice old lady one morning, taking what i thought was my lyft to work. I noticed she was extremely nervous and asked where we were headed, how to get there etc. Thought she was new. When I got to work I noticed the ride had been cancelled.

I once genuinely thought this lady with outstretched arms was trying to give me a hug. Afraid that it was someone I knew in the past I went in for the hug and she said "Not you dear" and when I turned I realized her relative was coming behind me. I fled the scene in shame.

My grandmother in Brooklyn received a call from a young woman who said "hi Grandma" and they had a nice chat for a while until she asked about her sister and they realized they weren't related.

I corrected a teacher when she spoke about the old prediction that the world was going to end in twenty twelve. I explained in front of the class that it was actually supposed to end in two thousand and twelve. Why didn't somebody teach me the basics of English

When I was a kid, I ran up to a woman in line, pinched her butt, laughed and then hugged her from behind thinking it was my mom. It wasn’t. I think about this moment almost weekly and my stomach still drops, 35 years later.

In my teens I once brought a muffin back to an unnamed Canadian coffee establishment saying there were glass shards on my muffin. I had never seen sugar crystals on a muffin before. I still cringe.

I once took my child to a meetup picnic for the camp she was going to attend. We brought food and stayed a while and ate and as we were leaving I saw the actual group across the park. We'd been eating with a local church group who were too polite to ask who the hell we were.

On holiday in Corfu, some friends of ours sat at a pretty table in a shady square and ordered a couple of beers from the lady who came over to them. Later, when they tried to pay, she said “oh no, don’t worry, this is my’re welcome” ......oops!

My Dad & his sister were swimming in a local pool.They were doing lengths when she spotted him taking a breather at pool edge. She swam up behind him put both hands on his bald head & dunked him underwater. Whilst she held him there, ignoring his flailing my actual Dad swam past!

I was in my car, hot day, windows down with my 4 year old son when a person of restricted growth came walking by. My son started pointing at him so to distract him I put on his Disney tape. Mortified then when the opening strains of ‘hi-ho, hi-ho’ rang out...

My Mum was walking me to school when I was 5 and I saw my friend Trevor up ahead so I ran on to catch up with him, calling out his name. As I got close I realised it wasn't him so I just kept on running past, shouting "Trev! Trevor!..."

was at a coffee shop waiting for my coffee when I ate the largest muffin sample on a plate... wasn’t until I’d started to start one more tasty sample that I realized it wasn’t free samples; but someone’s dirty plate they’d returned to the counter. left without my coffee in horror

30 years ago... gas stations with convenience stores had become a thing. I stopped for pepto bismal.... clerk asked if I had gas with that... indignantly told her that I only had an upset stomach!! Walked out to see the pumps... still cringe!!

Seven years ago I got into a taxi and asked to be dropped off three miles away. At the end of the journey when I went to pay, I realised it was not a taxi. I’m still cringing.

10 thoughts on “People Sharing The Most Embarrassing Moments Of Their Lives”

  1. Once at a local pub, I ordered fries. The wait person (who was smart and funny) and new to me) asked if I wanted either thick or thin fries. I, sincerely, asked her what the difference was. She and my spouse laughed away. It took a moment for me to get it and join in.

  2. When I was a young doctor, I did a rectal exam on a woman in her thirties. When I was done I told her, I didn’t find anything pathological during the rectal exam. She replied „That wasn’t my rectum…!“. I can still see the nurse in the background trying not to burst with laughter.

  3. Some of these were not that embarrassing.
    I would say that Joost’s was truly embarrassing. I wonder why she didn’t say anything until after the examination was done …?

  4. Was at a company Christmas party. Was dancing with the wife of one of my coworkers. I had’t seen her for quite a while. She was a bit on the heavy side, but I knew she was pregnant. I asked when the baby was due. She answered: “I had her 4 months ago”. Oops.

  5. When I was an 8 year old boy my parents and I were eating at a new, and very swanky dinner club. I had to visit the necessary room which was all the way across a dimly light dance floor. On my way back I was sort of hurrying and shuffling my feet on the tiled dance floor. I reached the edge of the tile far sooner than I anticipated and the carpet did not allow for shuffling. I took a header right into the lap of a the wife of a prominent Dr. in the area. I screamed and got up as quickly as I could and ran back to Mom and Dad. I’m 54 years old now, and the shame still burns.

  6. One time I was at a wedding and my skirt fell down at the reception and my skirt fell down and my white Hanes Her Way hi cut nylon undies were completely exposed! And because of that wardrobe malfunction I upstaged the bride because a few people saw me in my panties!


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