87 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Gallery of Corgi Butts”

  1. I love corgi butts you guys make this the most liked on the website plz (you don’t have too)

  2. I have a corgi and his butt is so bootyful and full of booty! I love him so much.

  3. (same user btw, just decided different name)But these are cute corgi butts. So fluffy and cute!! 🎀

  4. CE51341044B307BF22C:9osrx546#p1,0,0,r0,s1 (its my draw chat) [enter as draw.chat/—] {— means CE51341044B307BF22C:9osrx546#p1,0,0,r0,s1} OPEN SATURDAYS ONLY :3

  5. Is anyone even active on this comment thread? Also i joined your drawchat sprinkle. I also ship Evie x Nola

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