15 thoughts on “Hilariously Random Protest Signs”

  1. I love how some of these are actual protest signs (like “I got off fortnite for this” implies he cares that much about whatever the protest is for) but still funny!

  2. Eber Flamenco dont need no sign he have theh ticket do go straite to teh top!! 12-prong soluation for Ameirican dream (hint…only use 1 prong)

    VOTE FUOR ME 2020!

  3. Bruh these signs in the background like “god hates Obama!” Bitch that is so rude like I can’t even right now. PEOPLE GROW UP!!! And I’m inly 11

  4. Waiiiiit… 2thicc2vent, Your 11 and you already swear? Everybody in my ENTIRE SCHOOL does, but I still don’t. I’m 13, by the way.

  5. Yep…I’m that kid who is like *sniff* “They’ll grow up eventually” *she says looking down at 3rd graders*

  6. “Thank God For Dead Soldiers” – is he saying he’s glad all of the beers are empty, but still around?

  7. This is why the government should step in and stop educating people to read and write.

  8. 2thicc2vent, the people behind the signs in the pic you’re referencing are from a group called Westboro Baptist Church- truly hateful, sad excuses for human beings. Give ‘em a google and be prepared to be (more) shocked (which they love, actually). They’re gross.


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