10 thoughts on “Why I Have Trust Issues: Deceptive Food Packaging”

  1. Apparently they are not expecting repeat customers. Unless the paucity of choices is such that these are good by comparison.

  2. Ahh! Some are only now finding out how everything in our neo-liberal rules based order is a scam! The rich pay extra for the full package (or the full pepperoni coverage)!

  3. I would like to appreciate the Krakowski Kredens chocolate ;) Kraków is known in Poland as a place where misers live. The chocolate is exactly as expected ;) We call citizens of Kraków “the cents” ;) Best greetings from Warsaw, the CURRENT Capitol City ;) hahahah

  4. Matthew 7:1
    Had you understood my post, you would have noticed that I judged no one. I criticised the sin and not the sinner. Your reaction makes no sense, like much of what passes for discourse in our sick world.

  5. John 8:11
    How is deception in advertising ” Neo-liberal rule based order”. I understand just fine, and my reaction makes perfect sense. When I call you uppity I’m just criticizing your sin not you.

  6. I feel like a few of these are manufacturing errors as opposed to actually misleading packaging, but it’s still amusing.

  7. This post is a great way to say “BUYER BEWARE”, commenters’ religious sanctimony excepted.

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