Top 50 Worst First World Problems

1. When you spend so long looking for something to watch on Netflix, that your dinner gets cold.

2. When you have too many chips for your dip… but if you open another dip, you will have too much dip for your chips.

3. When you have to go all the way upstairs to get your laptop charger.

4. That moment when you have to wait 4.5 seconds deciding whether or not to hold the door for someone because they are at awkward distance.

5. When you crack your iPad screen because you dropped your iPhone on it.

6. One click on your mechanical pencil isn’t enough, and two clicks is too much.

7. When the tag on your shirt is itchy but you don’t want to cut it because it’s a chore.

8. When you want to adjust the temperature but your thermostat is busy downloading an update.

9. When no one is in the elevator with you so you have no one to impress when you press the button to your suite.

10. When you pay your maid a decent wage, which she uses to get educated and find a better job.

11. When your dentist’s ceiling TV is set to the wrong aspect ratio.

12. When your smartphone changes “lol” to “LOL” making you sound more amused than you actually are.

13. When your ex-girlfriend changes her Netflix password.

14. When your backup camera is fogged up in the morning so you have to actually turn your head to see what is behind you like some kind of 19th century stage coach driver.

15. When it’s been 5 seconds and your password reset email still hasn’t arrived.

16. When none of your 3 wiper speeds are proportional to the amount of rain you’re in.

17. When you forget to bring your phone with you when you go to poop and you are bored the entire time.

18. When the headlights of the SUV behind you hurts your eyes when you’re in your Ferrari.

19. When you’re paying 600 dollars for 3 nights at a hotel and there’s only 1-ply toilet paper.

20. When you have to manually delete the word “search” in a search box on a website before typing your query.

21. When you are at the Super Bowl and miss all the Super Bowl commercials.

22. When your paycheck is now so large that your bank flagged it as potentially fraudulent and your account is now frozen.

23. When your bedroom is so far from the front door that Siri keeps giving you estimates on how many minutes it will take to get “home”.

24. When you’re late for your 2:30pm tee off because your Tesla is in the middle of a software update.

25. When you buy a basil plant to have fresh basil but you feel bad tearing off the leaves so now it’s just another plant in the house.

26. When your parcel is waiting at the first floor. But new neighbors are right now moving in and if you go to get your parcel you must greet them.

27. When you have to get out of your car to read a business hours because it is too small to read when you are in the car.

28. When you buy a Tesla for your long work commute, but now your company is letting you work from home.

29. When you fast forward a video 10 seconds and it takes 20 seconds to load.

30. When you buy a beach house on the ocean but sometimes the waves are too loud to go to sleep properly and you have to shut the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

31. When your shipping address is not the same as your billing address and you have to do some extra typing.

32. When your name is Alexa and you can’t use Amazon Alexa.

33. When your house is so big that you can’t hear the doorbell from your room, so you have to sit in your living room all day to hear when your package arrives.

34. The toilet at your house slowly closes so it doesn’t slam shut when you drop it so you often accidentally slam other people’s toilets when you’re visiting.

35. The facial recognition feature on my your $1,400 iPhone doesn’t work because you have to wear a mask.

36. You often accidentally keep leaving your Mercedes unlocked because your Tesla auto locks when you walk away.

37. When you have to turn down the volume of a show because the music in the scene is louder than the rest of the show.

38. When your wife is a trained chef from a family of trained chefs and cooks amazingly; but you sometimes miss the poor people food you grew up eating.

39. When you just remodelled a bathroom and now it’s too nice for the rest of the house so you have to do more remodelling to match.

40. When you forget to bring snacks for watching Netflix in your Tesla while at the Supercharger.

41. When you lost some weight but you didn’t take a “before” photo so you can’t brag about it on social media.

42. When your new Porsche is so low to the ground you can’t use the ATM from the drive though.

43. When your new box of Kleenex is so tightly packed, the first few tissues tore when you pulled them out.

44. When you get paid too much to ever complain “I don’t get paid enough for this shit.”

45. That moment when you bought 3 massive monitors and now you can’t find your mouse cursor.

46. When you step on a bit of water on the kitchen floor now have a wet spot on your sock.

47. When the daycare your dog goes to doesn’t feature him as frequently as you would like on their Instagram page.

48. When sushi delivery place accidentally gives you too many rolls, you still eat them, but now you are too full to have ice cream as dessert.

49. The lowest volume on your phone is too loud and the highest volume is too quiet.

50. When you forget that your car has heated seats and you drive around with a chilly butt for no reason.

23 thoughts on “Top 50 Worst First World Problems”

  1. 51. When you waist your time writing this long list.
    52. When you waist your time reading this list to the end.
    53. When you waist your time writing a sassy comment.
    54. When you waist your time reading and perhaps replying a sassy comment.
    55. When you waist your time keeping waisting time.

  2. When you have not learned your own language properly and now rely on autocorrect to help you type and publicly make a fool out of yourself by telling everyone that you do not know the difference between waist and waste.

  3. It must be a terrible responsibility for all of you to be so correct. I guess that being superior is a need you must frequently fulfill by making fun of someone just wanting to join the conversation. I am glad that it is so easy for you all to feel better about yourselves. You all are the perfect example of what the post was making fun of.
    If you cannot be kind , then please have the courtesy of STFU.

  4. what do you call a belt made from watches?


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