This Mug Lets You Hold Hands While Sipping Your Coffee

Sometimes, when you feel lonely, it’s nice to just think about how you could hold hands with someone and feel the comforting warmth of their hand. That’s probably the story behind this weird, creepy, yet quite ingenious holding hands mug. It’s a mug with fingers that lets you hold hands with your mug while you sip your coffee.

Fingers mug.

This ceramic mug features three life-like human sized fingers extending from one side, which serves as the handle. Why only three? We have no idea. We tried to contact the creator of this mug to ask this very question, but received no answer. So it’s still unknown where the other two fingers went.

Fingers mug.

This mug holds a generous 450 ml (15 oz) of your favorite hot or cold drink. The diameter is 8 cm (3.2 in) and the height is 12 cm (4.7 in) and is dishwasher safe.

Fingers mug.

If you’ve always dreamed about holding hands with kitchenware and wish to finally make your dream come true, you can get this mug on Etsy.

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