29 thoughts on “How To Recognize Famous Painters”

  1. Hilarious, yet educational- what could be better- lol.
    Best list I’ve seen on this (interesting) site!

  2. I’m a “practicing” artist that needs to quit worrying about it all 😑😉☺️

  3. Please make tese ones too:
    If it’s a girlboss dressed in random nonsense shapes (fun fact: they’re mostly sexual symbols ^^), it’s Klimt.
    If it’s literally a meme, it’s Ducreux.

  4. Ohh and this:
    If everyone looks like some kind of aliens and you can’t figure out why, it’s El Greco.

  5. If it’s not a pipe, or wears a melon hat, or has something before his face bet for Magritte.

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