31 thoughts on “The Future of Male Fashion: Skirts And Dresses!”

  1. I can see humanity is on the right track with these outfits. Accept those reduced sperm counts with grace.

  2. This article needs to be viewed by starting at the last entry then slowly scrolling up

  3. In several cultures skirts or dresses are or were considered “manly”. And contemporary female fashion is borrowing from male fashion since ages. Jeans, pants, suits, shoulder pads, sneakers. If that is not demeaning or “unwomanly”, then why should be skirts for men be an issue? But NOBODY should wear high heels. They are not manly or womanly, they are just unhealthy.

  4. Now we know why models always look so pi–ed off. Every one of them has got to be thinking, “It’s a dam–d good thing I get paid a ton for this.”

  5. I’m nearly 50 and for as long as I can remember male catwalk high fashion has always been trying to be outrageous and unwearable to get attention for the fashion houses. All the male models are always effeminate too. It’s nothing new so maybe try to calm down and get some perspective if you think this is a sign of the death of masculinity.

  6. I actually always love the fashion posts here–some of my favorite. Quite obviously this will not launch large scale clothing lines, but I just always enjoy them as walking installation or performance art. The creativity to me is just amazing.

  7. I can remember clothes like this being worn on the catwalk in the late 90’s. Tattoos weren’t visible and for a reason, they didn’t distract away from the actual garment, it says more about the Model than it does than what they are wearing, I think Designers need to address it.

  8. external artificial womb , automated technology and beauty feminine male and feminisation pills and sex for everyoneee

  9. And, by the way, if women have the hips and the men have the shoulders, why are women wearing dresses and men wearing pants?

  10. Most of these outfits would look just as ridiculous on women as well..that’s my wife’s opinion!

  11. Honestly, they’re just ugly clothes. Looks like a freshman fashion student designed most of them. The C student, not the A student.

  12. How about just plain skirts and kilts for men? (Like more than 500 million men around the world wearing it)

  13. I don’t feel that any of these examples are helping the men in skirts cause. Just a simple skirt done tactfully.

  14. How do these designers stay in business? Or make a living for that matter. Every year, something stupid and unwearable is presented on the catwalks. Who’s buying this crap? I’m guessing the designers must all come from wealthy families and their moms are buying this stuff so they don’t feel bad for sucking at their chosen profession.

  15. The fragile masculinity in this comment section, of course some of these are ridiculous clothing but really think who’s gonna wear them? Also I’m seeing the word “twink” around, bro they probably getting more bitches they y’all unhinged neckbeards

  16. Religious anti contraception anti abortion anti LGBTQ low IQ Midwest hillbillie bible and godfreaks don’t like anything that’s different from what their tiny minds have been indoctrinated with

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