Crazy Bacon Products That Actually Exist

Internet’s obsession with bacon is undeniable. It’s almost like people are worshipping it. So it’s no wonder there are entrepreneurs who take advantage of this and try to make money by creating the most outlandish weird bacon products.

Bacon flavored toothpaste.
Bacon Toothpaste by Accoutrements

Bacon jigsaw puzzle.
Bacon Jigsaw Puzzle by Aquarius

Bacon dental floss.
Bacon Dental Floss by Archie McPhee

Bacon body wash.
Bacon Body Wash by Accoutrements

Bacon pool float.
Bacon Pool Float by Kangaroo

Bacon and eggs earrings.
Bacon And Eggs Earrings by WonderlandCharmsShop

Bacon toothpicks.
Bacon Flavoured Toothpicks by Accoutrements

Bacon bow tie.
Bacon Bow Tie by Wild Ties

Bacon socks.
Bacon Socks by FoxyKarmaCreations

Bacon wallet.
Bacon Wallet by Accoutrements

Bacon soap.
Bacon Soap by by Archie McPhee

Crocheted bacon and eggs scarf.
Crocheted Bacon And Eggs Scarf by Penguin Yarns

Bacon phone case.
Bacon Phone Case by DistinctInk

Bacon candle.
Bacon Candle by Yankee Candle

Bacon breath mints.
Bacon Breath Mints by Accoutrements

Bacon air freshener.
Bacon Air Freshener by Accoutrements

Bacon duct tape.
Bacon Duct Tape by Shurtech Brands

Bacon lip balm.
Bacon Lip Balm by J&D’s

Bacon jam.
Bacon Jam by The Bacon Jams

Bacon bandages.
Bacon Bandages by BioSwiss

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