3 thoughts on “Printers Were Sent From Hell To Make Us Miserable”

  1. :Sigh:
    Ink jet cartridges expire for two reasons:
    1) They dry out (dye based inks) This stops your printer working, and wastes ink as it bleeds air into the head which uses ridiculous amounts of ink to clear.
    2) The ink particles flocculate (pigmented inks) This kills your print head. Permanently.

    Yes, ink is a rip off – the printer is cheap because they rely on the ink price to cover it. It’s also a lot more expensive to make than biro ink …

    And if you only print one copy per year, it’ll be crap because the head has dried out – print every month or more in hot weather to keep it “fresh”. Or better – buy a laser (and welcome to the wonderful world of toner pricing! :OMG: )

  2. The ink and printer industry seems to be crap then. All they care about is money. Why not just rob a bank, then lie to the public about printers and ink?

  3. i miss my 24-pin dot matrix printer. it was loud. but it worked most every time. you could even re-ink the ribbon! then i got a laser (ostensibly for resumees) and that stopped pulling paper in. then i got an inkjet and it never saw a piece of paper that it didn’t consider tasty. then i got an ablation photo printer that failed because the engineers or their managers were idiots.

    now i have a printer that has ink tanks. you gotta print something weekly or else the heads will dry up and it’ll cost mucho ink to unplug them.

    printers aren’t from hell. they’re from a place well beyond that.

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