Emotional Support Rubber Chicken Is Here For You

Are you too chicken to be vulnerable? No, you are not. Need a friend? Yes, you do. Going through a rough time? We all do. How about an emotional support rubber chicken? We all need someone to lean on, but when you lean on this 13″ (33 cm) soft vinyl rubber chicken, it squawks its support loudly. It even comes with extra wide empathetic eyes and is wearing a removable nylon vest that designates it as an official emotional support chicken.

Emotional support rubber chicken.

Having a rubber chicken is much more convenient than having a real chicken. It’s definitely cheaper in long term, you don’t have to clean up crap all over the floor, and rubber chickens have a longer lifespan. Even better: this chicken has many alternative uses! You can use it as a dance partner, door stopper, fashion statement, icebreaker in conversations, or self-defence weapon.

Emotional support rubber chicken.

If you decide to buy this thing, you will also be contributing to polluting the world with cheap plastic garbage that end up in the oceans. All that guilt will make you even more nervous, and you’ll soon need another emotional support chicken to help you deal with that. You can get emotional support rubber chicken on Amazon. Please note that this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate affiliate we earn from qualifying purchases.

5 thoughts on “Emotional Support Rubber Chicken Is Here For You”

  1. Oh, why not. I’d rather see someone carring one around in the grocery store rather than someone with a a tiny foo-foo poodle sitting in grocery cart wearing a “Service Dog” vest.

  2. “…this chicken has many alternative uses!”

    Based on the expression on her face, I’ll bet it does.

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