9 thoughts on “Elon Musk Memes: How AI Sees Elon Musk”

  1. @CowPie – For the fun of it. And I have to admit they’re funny, entertaining, and I thought Gothic Musk was one of the best.

  2. Omg da fish! It doesn’t even look like Musk! And if it does its some twisted version of him from another dimension.
    Goth musk yo.

  3. An obvious one, given his family drama, would be ‘trans Musk’.

    Seems like it’s OK to put him in blackface here, and all kinds of other identity appropriations, after all, so surely sensitivity isn’t the reason for its absence.

  4. Super dee Dooper! Whoever contrived these topics to portray Elon Musk in 4 yo done an. excellent job !! Congrats to him And to the team who compiled and published it!!they all deserve a clap,

    beenaKudosvto him


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