13 thoughts on “Double Mustache Is The Latest Male Fashion Trend”

  1. Look up Budd Dwyer and become inspired, Anonymous who posted about political views. These men are true sirs and would never mention political topics in public!

  2. Be inspired by the fact that Budd Dwyer wanted his organs donated upon his death. Dont be inspired by the other thing he did, the thing which inspired the song “Hey, man! Nice shot!” That thing was an awful thing and anyone who ever does that thing will be missed by someone. If anyone ever feels that way, please reach out for help. You are worth helping! You are worth happiness! Yes, even you! Also, sign up for organ donation today, kids!

  3. The one with the woman in the background, laughing with her hand to her head like, “Lord give me strength”!

  4. I’m pretty sure the guy who thinks he’ll never get laid again doesn’t need any help “not getting laid again”. Personally I figure it could only help your situation. I’m tired of the same old ways to sport my facial hair. My girlfriend wants me to sport a average Joe goatee. Suited me fine in my younger days when I was a idiot throwing my life away for what I thought was a good time. Babes, booze, bikes and bars! Thank God I changed my ways! Personally when I sport that goatee everyone wears I feel and look like a thug. That isn’t who I am now. The double mustache is going to be a great way to have some fun. Who knows I might like it. In the end I think she’ll give up wanting something other than a clean shaven face and I’ll have fun in the process. Not leaving my name in fear she might read the comments. I’m going to send her this link to show her the style I’m going to be growing.

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