Double-Faced Cowboy Boots by Shayne Oliver

Why wear two boots when you can wear four? Fashion designer Shayne Oliver is pushing a new footwear idea: double-faced Western boots, with pointy toes on both the front and back. Can you walk backward easier? Can you walk forward easier? I don’t know…




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  1. Anonymous January 11, 2019

    A new Mugatu is born!

  2. That one person... January 7, 2021

    Wh-why? are-is there a reason? excuse me, I’d like to order some reasons, please?

    do you think that the “fashion ppl” are just running out of ideas?

  3. Anonymous April 13, 2021

    Absolute stupidity. Designer should be bitch-slapped.

  4. Karen (sighing now) April 15, 2021

    No thank you

  5. DastardlyDirk May 3, 2021

    Restaurant at the end of the universe

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