These Weird People Really Love Dog Nuts

Who would have thought that this is such a complicated word to spell correctly? Or it just might be that many people really are enjoying the taste of dog nuts… Either case is terrifying.

I'll never be in "great" shape because dog nuts are too darn tasty.

Think i could seriously challenge for world record when it comes to fastest dognut eating !! :O

She loves dognuts.

He loves dognuts.

There's carmex, blistex, Vaseline but you wanna step out looking like you just ate a powdered dognut? That's not even right

shuving dognuts in my mowth #NafnalDognutDay

Expensive dog nuts.

Nothing worse than oily #DogNuts hahahaha

Eatin 2 dozen dognut wholes

I would like to take this time to thank the wonderful figure skaters in locker room three who had the dognut fight dont clean up or anything

Just ate half a dozen dognuts in like 2 minutes

Cant argue with free #dognuts

mini chocolate dognuts are the bees knees'

Having fresh dognuts twice in the same week

Hey its #FRIDAY and also #NationalDognutDay ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿค˜ Tell us what's your favorite kind of #dognut

Thanks for the swift delivery and GOD bless your hustle.

Celebrating international dognut day-sugar rush,free dognuts & endless lazy summer hours childhood bliss loving life

Eating dognuts alone

#myperfectmorning is waking up to a box of freshly baked dognut's on #nationaldognutday.

These chocolate dog nuts are tasty

Ate loads of fresh dognuts!

I love coffee and dognuts

5 thoughts on “These Weird People Really Love Dog Nuts”

  1. Having read this, I will now never be able to think of doughnuts as anything but the Pillsbury Doughboy’s testicles!

  2. Does PETA know about this? What are vegans doing in silence in face of such a thing? I hold more respect for those who simply enjoy the scent of colon.

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