You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee This Frog On Trump’s Chin

Many thoughts probably cross your mind while looking at Donald Trump. But one thing you definitely haven’t thought about is just how much his chin resembles a frog. As you can see from these hilarious pictures however, artist Mike Mitchell went one step further and actually illustrated it.




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  1. Anonymous December 5, 2018

    Looks better on Obama

  2. Frog Association (By frogs, for frogs) December 31, 2018

    This is a disgrace to our amphibious kind

  3. Anonymous February 19, 2019

    Everything looks better on Obama 😎

  4. Anonymous February 19, 2019

    An improvement

  5. Ribbit, Ribbit February 21, 2019

    What a TOAD!

  6. Anonymous February 22, 2019

    “I am not a croak.” Sorry, I’ll let myself out 😋

  7. Kevin February 23, 2019

    When will Trump the toad will croak forever

  8. Anonymous February 23, 2019

    It’s not easy being green….

  9. Anonymous February 24, 2019

    At least the frog green compliments the orangey piss-yellow hair coloring dye that he uses.

  10. Anonymous April 3, 2019

    Good looking frogs but these pics are stupid.

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