34 thoughts on “Illustrated Guide To Dog Breeds”

  1. Don’t know most of those races, some haven’t even heard off, but Border Collie is spot on, particularly about running until they bleed!

  2. Springer Spaniel? I’m kinda stupid but if you feed me and take me for walks I will be your love nugget forever.

  3. My Doberman was fearless. Not afraid of anything but he was also a real sweetheart, even around cats and small dogs. Miss you, Diesel.

  4. Since when is the word pit spelled ‘pitt’ 😂. American Pit Bull Terrier edit “sweet angel baby + anything you want to do is great I love everything and never want to stop doing everything all the time”

  5. Cocker Spaniel …. will bark all day at his shadow, afraid of litter and makes himself dizzy from running around in circles at supersonic speed when excited

  6. lagoto romanyolo (look it up its a real breed): barks at any sound at all. constantly stressed. “NEVER PICK ME UP!”. “DEATH TO DOORBELLS!!!” will lick the couch when bored. scared of all dogs even ones smaller than them. scared of feathers. barks at anything they don’t approve of.

  7. I love, love, love dogs, not well with dog breeds tho, so this helped A LOT! It’s also really cute. Enchanted Mop and Enchanted cloud are my favourite! IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! cuteness overload


    thanks a million, Sad and useless. <3!!!

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