16 thoughts on “Hilariously Terrible Dinosaur Park Failures”

  1. With all that we don’t know about dinosaurs, these could be spot on. Many look like Larson cartoons.

  2. That last one is the graceful Chonkasaurus-Rex. I think Nic Cage owns a skull or something

  3. 50,000 years from now, some archeologist is going to dig these up and wonder what the heck they are.

  4. The third one doesn’t actually look half bad, it’s just that it’s posture is wrong

  5. Dinosaurs, aka the Republican party, ruled during their preferred ideological time period, back when women couldn’t vote and slavery was legal.

  6. I think all of these are treasures. They’re genuinely cool for their own claymation reasons. Some are just great cartoony works of art.

  7. Most of these are absolutely correct; they just depict really obese versions of these dinosaurs.

  8. Quick note:
    Originally the democratic party was for slavery,and the republican party was against it.


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