Awkward Trend: Dinosaur Cat Haircuts

There’s a new trend among cat owners: dinosaur style grooming. It’s even gaining some traction among viral Instagram trends under #DinoCut hashtag. What’s your take on this? Leave your opinion in comments.

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?


Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

Dinosaur cat haircut. Is this OK or not?

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  1. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    No no no it’s just wrong in every way!

  2. Linda June 12, 2019

    Stupid ppl. Those cats don’t look happy. 😤

  3. Not Linda June 12, 2019

    My adorable little cat is dying to be a dinosaur, I can tell.

  4. Maybe Linda this time June 12, 2019

    Has anyone commenting ever gotten a haircut in their lives? It’s…painless. Summer is here and some of these cats are overheating. Plus, they have 2 layers of coats–some of these aren’t even bald. Chill out people, it’ll all grow back soon. Not as huge a fan of the dye though

  5. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    Once again people abusing animals, Also some dangerously over weight cats in these photos. You should be ashamed people !

  6. Sandra Watson June 13, 2019

    Oh my god, what will it be next? The poor things have to look after there coats and these new hair cuts are bad for the poor things they will be cold in winter not be able to regulate their body heat. I would love my cat for the way she looks not the way it has its hair cut. Stupid stupid people.

  7. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    Totally GROSS.

  8. TeeBee June 13, 2019

    They need to be reported for animal abuse… Especially the “owners” using dye on the poor animal…

  9. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    Stupid and gross. Cats are beautiful just the way God made them.

  10. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    When I first saw this, I was hoping it was a photoshopped joke, but apparently it’s for real.

  11. JimmyT June 13, 2019

    A new reason for cats to hate humans.

  12. PatP June 13, 2019

    Selfish owners only thinking of themselves

  13. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    Cat fur regulates their temperature. It is never advised to shave a cat unless absolutely necessary.
    What is wrong with people?

  14. Kimberly June 14, 2019

    I think the dinosaur trims are cute! I have had cats most of my life, and I know giving them a shave during the summer is not dangerous as long as you don’t shave them bald! My girls are indoor kitties, and I have often considered the idea of a summer trim for them! The dyes, however, and totally out of the question!! You couldn’t pay me enough to put that crap in my cat’s fur! Period!

  15. Anonymous June 14, 2019

    I think you cat owners are dumb and stupid, a cat’s fur is the only way to keep them warm and cool, you can cause your cat to get sick easily by cutting their hair, stop making your cats miserable and depressed and humiliated, if God wanted our cats not to have hair, then get a hairless cat for God’s sake, cat’s fur is the only to protect them from heat and cold temperatures

  16. Lynda Cooke June 14, 2019

    Social media gone mad, just selfish humans wanting attention and not caring about their cats. This is aweful

  17. Random person June 14, 2019

    Dang this cat owners are so rude. They should know that you don’t shave cats fur unless a complete emergency. That and the dyes can make them sick.

  18. Jun June 14, 2019

    I feel pity 4 them

  19. Audrey Fuller June 14, 2019

    This is so wrong cats fur wasn’t meant to be messed about why can’t people leave it how it should be cats are beautiful as they are x

  20. Anonymous June 14, 2019


  21. Tessa von Hoffman June 14, 2019

    I can see these cats weren’t happy. Poor babies!

  22. Anonymous June 14, 2019

    Not sure about this. I know we cut our dogs fur but I don’t know about our kitties. They look kind of cool ( I agree about the dye) but don’t think I would do this.

  23. Anonymous June 14, 2019

    I have been a Vet Tech for 13 years and I can say most cats I have given lion cuts to actually don’t mind, especially long hair cats in the summer. It is no different then shaving a dog down for the summer. It doesn’t hurt the cat and they make safe dye these days for animal’s. I don’t do this to mine but I don’t judge others unless they are actually putting an animal in risk of being unhealthy, like declawing is cruel and unnecessary, but people get way too worked up over cat haircuts.

  24. Heather Searles June 14, 2019

    My hat goes off to any groomer that can shave cats like this. I have groomed for 18yrs. Done plenty of cats, but none that would behave well enough to do these haircuts.

  25. ¥'Berion June 14, 2019

    What a pain in the ass to see.

    If that is the love of Pet owners,
    they should all hope,
    to never reincarnate as a pet.


  26. Judy Bond June 14, 2019

    there are no happy faces here.

  27. Anonymous June 14, 2019

    Are the owners cutting their own hair first like this?

  28. CJ June 14, 2019

    Why? Why would you do that to an animal?. why? because it looks cool? because its a new trend? everyone’s doing it? its unnecessary and cruel that’s these poor things have to put up with humans stupidity. they already have beautiful fur and are beautiful animals why make them change?

  29. Anonymous June 14, 2019

    It’s a free country.

  30. Anonymous June 14, 2019

    I, personally don’t think any of the cats in these pictures are happy! Did any of you put them in front of a mirror?

  31. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    For the sake of the cat you love, please just STOP!

  32. Alexandra Browning June 15, 2019

    If I was a cat, Is be pulling faces like them, too. And clawing my humans skin off!
    I appreciate a sense of humour, but that’s just cruelty!!!

  33. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Noooo Noooo Noooo

  34. Sue Carlson June 15, 2019

    I find this just so wrong. Some humans just suck.

  35. Penny Anne June 15, 2019

    I hate this, this is animal cruelty.

  36. pam June 15, 2019

    Hate it it is so wrong

  37. Anonymous June 15, 2019


  38. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Many of those have to be shaved because their hair gets matted. Might as well do it the funny way.

  39. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Stupid. Pointless. Embarrassing.

  40. Joyce June 15, 2019

    Must be off there heads.absolute disgraceful animal cruelty get a grip

  41. Anonymous June 15, 2019


  42. Arlene Sheppard June 15, 2019

    I didn’t care for this at all. I could only think, poor,poor cats.

  43. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Never ever ever would I do this to my baby!!!

  44. Anonymous June 15, 2019


  45. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Stupid tried. Cats have fur for a reason. Heat and cold regulation. Typical self-absorbed behavior. 😿

  46. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    This isn’t cruel it’s the same as shaving a dog and as for the dye it’s more than likely the pet safe kind do research people so many people are saying it’s “animal cruelty” when it’s not animal cruelty is when the animal is getting beaten or not getting fed and stuff like that it’s just a simple haircut

  47. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    I checked this out just to see what all the negative comments would be. Wow! We can cut and shave our own hair that God has given us but it’s wrong to give a cut to an animal. This is cruel but it is ok to kill an unborn human baby. Somewhere along the line we have certainly gotten messed up.

  48. Helen June 15, 2019


  49. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Praying these are all photoshopped- Horrible and thoughtless!

  50. Karlene June 15, 2019

    First of all I’m sure the cats don’t appreciate having to endure the time it takes to do this B.S. What purpose does any DECORATIONS have but AMUSEMENT for HUMANS.
    Now I can understand getting them trimmed here and there if they’re a Show Cat. I can understand shaving long haired cats for gnats or terrible tangles., even just to keep the hair from floating around your home. Some cats Enjoy the Coolness verses the Heat. I myself had my Persian Himalayan mixed cats shave for their comfort and mine. Neither one appreciated having all that hair combed over and over again. So in the Summers they got a Lion Cut with Boots and a ball on the end of their tails. Not Only did they look Amazing, but they felt Amazing. I know this because they would lay in front of the A.C. and fall fastcAslerp.

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