“What’s Wrong With My Cat?” Online Group Has Owners Posting Pics of Their Malfunctioning Cats

Did you know that there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to sightings of cats that got caught acting super weird? It’s called r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat and featured below are the funniest pictures of clearly malfunctioning cats from this brilliant online community.

Some cats are weird...


Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...

Some cats are weird...



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  1. PJF August 1, 2020

    The black cat with it’s tongue sticking out of it’s mouth and droopy eye looks like it had a stroke. Poor thing.

  2. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    they are just being cats. Love them all!

  3. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    Black cat with droopy/squinty most likely lost a couple teeth so tongue flops out, happens with dogs as well, the second black cat is creepier trying to lick himself he looks possessed by demons or something.

  4. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    Fourth one down had one heck of a party last night.

  5. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    Can you poke your tongue out sideways without squinting? I cant!

  6. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    Baha ha

  7. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    All brilliant except the obviously Photoshopped one, 6th down. Please don’t include!

  8. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    I did not know I needed this page in life before. 🤣

  9. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    Phew! I thought it was just my cats that are weird, obviously not.

  10. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    Jessi Hamilton Rhiannon Chapman

  11. RickiHM August 2, 2020

    Loved it! (still laughing!)

  12. JustTina August 2, 2020

    First photo- cat showing of her triangle bikini 😂 👙

  13. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    The one where they are all sitting in a circle on the table looks like they’re having some sort of meeting!

  14. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    This is brilliant. Got to love them x

  15. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    WOW just WOW

  16. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    And of course we don’t ever sit or hang out in wird and comfortable ways.😏😊

  17. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    Love them all. A crazy cat lady

  18. Michele August 2, 2020

    First black cat looks like it has on a white bikini! They’re all so dang cute!

  19. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    That’s mad😂

  20. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    If you can watch this and not smile, your either dead or a statues. Absolutely awesome and amusing.

  21. Stagger Monkey August 2, 2020

    God those cats on the table looking at the light fixture is triggering Hereditary in me…

  22. Marnie August 3, 2020

    The white and black cat standing in thLOLe window… “Frodo, I found the ring.”

  23. Iris August 3, 2020

    These are funny

  24. Anonymous August 3, 2020

    Mine wakes me up by putting his stuffed toys to my lips. He wants me to throw it so he can fetch it. He plays fetch better than any dog I’ve ever owned!

  25. Anonymous August 3, 2020

    Our cat will go everywhere in the house. ugh

  26. Wilhelm August 4, 2020

    Someone has been putting pieces together haha, nice to see but unreal most of them I find

  27. djt August 4, 2020

    methinks there is a little bird or flyin’ insect buzzin’ ’round a light bulb in #10…

  28. Anonymous cat lover August 4, 2020

    They are still cute but just a little silly!!

  29. Anonymous August 4, 2020

    Wonderful way to start my day, with pictures of funny cat antics. thanks

  30. Anonymous August 4, 2020


  31. Koizoh Rível August 5, 2020

    The cats rounding on a table are worshipping Cthulhu.

  32. Anonymous August 6, 2020

    The black cat near the cat climber looks like a creepy pasta

  33. CJ August 8, 2020

    So hilarious and adorable!

  34. Anonymous August 8, 2020

    Craziest cat contest. 1st prize is the book, 101 Uses for a Dead Cat. 2nd prize is a dead cat. 3rd prize is Schrodinger’s cat.

  35. Anonymous August 13, 2020

    The cats on the dining room table (um, really?) look to me like a coven.

  36. Anonymous August 17, 2020

    Cats bring a lot of joy to their owners. They are so funny to watch. Thanks for sharing all these pictures. Still laughing.

  37. Diana August 21, 2020

    Whoever made this site you rock! I am a cat lover myself and my cat sleeps in crazy positions however ots because she knows she is the baby and spoiled and loved so much i couldnt imagine life wo her ever! She is my favorite to come home to…she snuggles and plays and shows gratitude for me being in her life too. She is my little angel. I found her abandoned at a yard sale close to the desert and we have been inseparable ever since. She is intelligent and a true attention sponge. She has saved my butt so many times from reacting in a way i should not ever do. She does not like yelling or loud noises at all and if say someone yells at me and i start to yell back she will stand on her hind legs and wrap her front arms and paws gently around my legs to get my attention and to have me stop immediately. So she has changed my stress levels for sure. I would not trade her for all the gold in the world ever no matter what she is my everything…guardian angel. Wish i could of posted a picture of her she sleeps on her back and covers her eyes with her paw if lights are on. She just has a wonderful personality and i am blessed to have her in my life and she is always there waiting for me when i come home everyday ready to and happy to see me. She watches u tube tv on birds and little animals
    …she is a tuxedo kitty and she talks to me all over the house she is just purrrrrrrfect in my eyes…Star is her name and she surely suits her given name.

  38. Anonymous August 21, 2020

    If our human spines were even half so flexible, we too could sleep in the pretzel position without needing our chiropractos ….

  39. Veronica B. August 23, 2020

    I need to get another cat. My last Gorgeous Angel (Salem) 18 yrs old went over the Rainbow bridge almost 3 yrs ago. I’m almost 60yrs old and my heart is still broken and can’t function. I know there may be another little character out there waiting for me and needing me as much as l do them, but until l meet them…..
    I love my cats and they have all been furry little humans and part of my family from the moment they choose me.
    Animals are Better entertainment than Tv any day of the year. Sweet love to all furry ones and their loving humans.

  40. Anonymous August 28, 2020

    This is why I love cats 😂😂😂

  41. vixin September 9, 2020

    cats love being cats

  42. Kim September 20, 2020

    HILARIOUS!! Luv it❤️👍😂

  43. PINKY November 5, 2020

    No cat these days.now live by busy road. Enjoyed the silly antics

  44. Anonymous November 25, 2020

    I love them all, crazy as they can be

  45. Jokeneedjokereply December 14, 2020

    Uhm,my cat is malfunctioning. Better call the shelter to return it and get a fully functioning one

  46. Anonymous January 24, 2021


  47. Anonymous January 24, 2021

    Egg 2 electric boogaloo

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