16 thoughts on “Artist Illustrates Your Deepest, Darkest Fears”

  1. Where is Mr. Rogers when you need him? He could do a show on each of these things how they can’t happen :-)

  2. and then life becomes bearable, because these fears prove unfounded….but then Trump becomes president , now that’s real fear!

  3. Deep Dark Fear

    I am scared that when someone is trying to poke me in the bellybutton they will poke so hard it will open my bellybutton up and their finger with be inside the darkness spaces of my abdomen/stomach.

  4. Deep Dark Fear
    That we are in a zero sum existence, so that every person that has ever lived, and ever will live, is currently living some existence right now: as an ant, or a bird, or a bacteria, or a mosquito…and that every time I kill some annoying pest, I may have just done in some past saint or hero or something so that they have to start over in some other form. My basement is full of spiders; I wish them well as long as they stay out of my way.

  5. My deep dark fear.

    I was browsing the store one day with my mom and I heard screaming, and many people went to one toy aisle. I was nearby, so it didn’t take much effort to see what had happened. A child had hooked the inside of his eye socket on one of those silver hooks, it was holding Hot Wheels. Now, whenever I go through aisles, even as an adult, I keep my face far away from those hooks, for fear it’ll happen to me as well.

  6. I also am bothered by the thought of things crawling in my ear when I listen to seashells.

  7. One of them actually made me shudder. Of course I can’t remember which one and I’m not going to read them again, lol

  8. i have a thing that when i see someone, even just a drawing, in pain, i also tend to be feel pain, so this wasn’t fun for me….. i felt all of these things just now.

  9. I once was sleeping but not quite I dreamed that I should pee but when I found a toilet and started peeing I realised that i did it in real life too so I peed in the bed

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