Dad Bag Fanny Pack: Get Belly Fat Without Eating Junk Food!

If you’re a new dad and don’t quite have that fancy dad bod yet, no worries, in due time it will come in. But in the mean-time you may want to consider supplementing with dad bag fanny pack that’s made to look like you have a hairy gut sticking out of your shirt when in reality it’s just a handy hip pack that stores your essentials.

Dad bag fanny pack.

Why would you want to look like that? Doesn’t women like ripped bodies with visible six-pack abs? Our research shows that ladies actually prefer fat, hairy beer bellies. It’s time to debunk the age-old stereotypes and dive into the enchanting world of women’s deepest desires. The true objects of female desire are the soft, jiggly, and ever so endearing beer bellies. Those marvelous globes of joy have become the latest fashion statement in the world of attraction. So get on with the program and cancel your gym membership!

Dad bag fanny pack.

This sexy fanny pack is made from polyurethane, measures 15.7 inches x 6.3 inches (40 cm x 16 cm), has an adjustable waist belt with solid buckle and canvas strap. It can accommodate cash, mobile phone, wallet, keys, headset, powerbank, etc. and has a solid zipper keep your things safe.

Dad bag fanny pack.

Gone are the days of waxing poetic about biceps and triceps. In this brave new world, it’s all about the hairy bellies that serve as a cozy cushion for snuggles and an endless buffet of delight. Forget Tinder, wear this and hit the streets! We guarantee that you will come home with a brand new girlfriend the same evening!

Dad bag fanny pack.

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