12 thoughts on “Strange And Creepy Vintage Album Covers of Ventriloquists Posing With Their Dummies”

  1. I seem to remember seeing Senor Wences on some old show. The puppet is just his hand and she spoke with a “Spanish” accent.

  2. Señor Wences /was/ Spanish, and he had a lot of other puppets and dummies. My favorite was Pedro, the ‘Alright? Salright!’ head in a box that Jeff Dunham channels with his jalapeno on a stick.

  3. Señor Wences was on “The Ed Sullivan Show”
    He also did appearances on various variety and talk shows.

  4. Say buddy,did you hear the one about the ventriloquist who didnt brutally murder his audiences after every show?No?
    Me either.
    Looks at audience with wide grin.

  5. Wut? Album? With a ventriloquist? How do you know there’s even a dummy present? I mean, another dummy.

  6. Heeeeeyyyyyy!
    Is that the same Oscar Zamora who pitched for the Cubs in the mid-70s?

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