25 thoughts on “This Is What Men Should Wear According To Fashion Designer Walter Van Beirendonck”

  1. Fantastic Fashion – I wish I would see men wearing this is from time to time in the streets

  2. The models’ faces remind me of a line from a Tina Turner song: “You keep your mind on the money, and your eyes on the wall.”

  3. If I wore any of these, my ancestors would return from the after life and lynch me, and I would gladly accommodate them!

  4. “Are you a researcher looking for a Covid vaccine? A front line health worker saving lives every day? What do you contribute to society?”

    “I made a full body pig rainsuit with nipple holes”.

  5. I can respect a designer who is willing to put men as well as women in ridiculous, unrealistic haute couture.

  6. I swear fashion designers have given up and are just trying to punk men. Once again as a gay man, these designs are too effing gay for me. Burn the lot.

  7. Starts off with Hamm from Toy Story. (As his “Evil Dr. Porkchop” persona, no less!)

    Ends with what we hope is Pikachu, and not Sonichu.

  8. Now I know for certain that the cartoon nightmares I’ve had were not only shared by another person but have been made flesh in this waking life. Thank you Mr Bear and Donk!

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