13 thoughts on “Funny (And Not Creepy At All) Vintage Clown Photos”

  1. The seventh photo is of serial murderer John Wayne Gacy. What was that about the photos not being at all creepy?

  2. I think most of these paint clad monsters were serial killers like John Wayne Gacy but they were better at hiding the bodies.

  3. I see at least one serial killer, several alcoholics, an early version of Ronald McDonald, and a few pedophiles!

  4. Putting John Wayne Gacy, serial killer, ☠️ and Bozo following,🤡 In VERY BAD TASTE. I went to school with one of the boys that was murdered. 🚫 Funny. Shameful.

  5. Number three bears a certain similarity to Shrub ( G Bush II). Really creepy!

  6. I have always thought clowns were super creepy and this article totally confirms it.

  7. 7th picture down is convicted and executed serial killer John Wayne Gacey – probably shouldn’t have included that one.

  8. These are just the bad ones.

    Not all clowns are like these mofos.

    I’ve watched videos that have kids HAPPY and enjoying themselves and are laughing. Oh and there are KIDS that are clowns themselves, PERFORMING skits!! Look up showcases.

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