Hilarious Twitter Account Reveals the Correct Names For Things

Do you like to eat bagel seeds covered in cereal sauce for breakfast? Perhaps you like to quench your thirst with a nice cold glass of snowman blood? Scroll down through our selection of funniest @CorrectNames posts to see what we mean.




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  1. Kelly January 2, 2019

    What does the letter a called from a correct name

  2. Anonymous January 10, 2019

    sea flap flap

  3. Cassper January 18, 2019

    thats pretty FRIGGIN amazing

  4. Laler February 3, 2019

    Brilliant new names. A dog should be called hug bare

  5. Isabella M May 27, 2019

    Oh my god who ever invented this is a genius!

  6. Reese July 15, 2019

    Sea flap flap 🐠 a candle should be called smell yummy s’more maker.

  7. Anonymous July 23, 2019

    Sand should be called beach sugar

  8. Anonymous September 2, 2019

    a pool should be called mini ocean

  9. He Who Must Not Be Named September 19, 2019


  10. Keylin September 22, 2019


  11. Anonymous December 9, 2019

    Panda fish. That should be real.

  12. i agree but i wont put my real name December 10, 2019

    all of these should be real, somebody make a poll/vote for it lets do this!!!

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