Corgi Butt Tissue Dispenser Is a Thing You Obviously Need

Finally! Corgi butt tissue dispenser – the product you have all been waiting for so long! We have all seen regular boring tissue dispensers, but this time it’s the corgi’s turn to hold the terrible burden of storing your tissues in its rectal area. This wonderful product is available on Amazon, Etsy, or AliExpress.

Corgi butt tissue dispenser.

To use it, just load in a box of tissues. Then just pull out the first tissue to get it started, and you’ll then be good to go. Whenever you need to blow your nose or need a tissue for whatever reason, just walk over to this elegant corgi butt, and pull some Kleenex out of it.

Corgi butt tissue dispenser.

Corgi butt tissue dispenser.

Corgi butt tissue dispenser.

We can’t think of a more hilarious conversation piece for your home. Your guests and family will remember the corgi butt tissue dispenser for years to come. In fact, it will most likely haunt them and they may ask “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Corgi butt tissue dispenser.

You can get this weird thing on Amazon, Etsy, or AliExpress, if you feel like spending your hard-earned money on stupid stuff.


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  1. Submit December 2, 2021

    Looks like an eyeless cat.

    Also, 100 years ago, literal children were men enough to fight some of the most gruesome wars. Now, our adults are pulling tissues from artificial dog butts. Stop being insulted when people say society’s gone soft.

  2. Tea December 3, 2021

    You forgot to say, “Now get off my lawn”!

  3. Submit December 3, 2021

    Get off my lawn, Tea! (Bet you’re drinking some fruit-flavored tea, too, like Mango Tumeric Chamomile — not manly tea, like Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey.)

  4. Tabbycat December 7, 2021

    I don’t think Queen Elizabeth II would be pleased, her dogs are corgis. Personally I quite like it, then I do have a rather warped sense of humour.

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