This Device Will Cool You Down by Waving Your Shirt

Japanese inventor Kazuya Shibata has designed a unique t-shirt flapper. It’s strapped to the waist or hip, and automatically thrusts to keep you cool on a hot day. Currently you can not purchase this amazing device, but maybe you will be able to buy it in future when climate change will finally create enough demand for such invention.

Cooling down with a shit waver device.

We hope that this brilliant inventor will keep creating new solutions for cooling down in summer. Here are few suggestions we came up with: a popsicle vest, a sprinkler poncho, or a flip-flop fan.

Cooling down with a shit waver device.

Kazuya Shibata has been specializing in barely useful devices and this is just his latest invention. He regularly debuts accessories like a fully automatic tissue retriever (for when your hands are wet), a potato chip lifter (so you don’t have to squeeze your fingers into the tube,) and a book that blasts your face with light when opened (for that magical Hollywood moment). He advertises his designs through over-the-top infomercials, so make sure you check out his website and follow him on social media.

Cooling down with a shit waver device.

Would wear this in public and how much would you willing to pay for such a device? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “This Device Will Cool You Down by Waving Your Shirt”

  1. I like it. But make sure people see your hands or they may think you are up to something!

  2. The funniest thing about this post is that the images are blocked on my browser, and all I see is the title of the graphic: “Cooling down with a sh-t waver device.”

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