Artist Transforms Famous Paintings Into Selfies

Dito Von Tease has turned classical paintings into selfies, so they would fit into the digital ecosystem of social networks. He calls this series “Classicool”.

American Gothic selfie.

The Son of Man selfie.

Frida Kahlo selfie.

Mona Lisa selfie.

Girl With a Pearl Earring selfie.

The Lovers 2 selfie.

Mozart selfie.

Marilyn Monroe selfie.

Young Lady With Gloves selfie.

Portrait of a Man In a Turban selfie.

Family selfie.

Portrait of Théodore Joseph Jonet And His Two Daughters selfie.

Portrait of Margaret Van Eyck selfie.

Portrait of an Unknown Woman selfie.

Madame Moitessier selfie.

Portrait of an Unknown Woman selfie.

Johanna Martens selfie.

The Kiss selfie.

Classical painting transformed into a selfie.

Vincent Van Gogh selfie.

16 thoughts on “Artist Transforms Famous Paintings Into Selfies”

  1. First few were good, later ones started to look like mutant arms and perspective fails.

  2. I enjoyed them, and think if someone is encouraged to look at some actual artists work because of this it’s a win win.

  3. I’m worried about Anonymous, he or she is expressing many contradictory opinions and may be suffering from schizophrenia.

  4. Really cool, for some person to take their time & consideration of thinking up of an unknown of idea.

  5. This is really good I have to admit but the one of the 2 people kissing (not in masks) has WAY to long of an arm! All in all good job!

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