49 thoughts on “Pets vs. Christmas Trees”

  1. Those are hilarious! A friend just told me that she thought her cat had left the little glittered tree alone while she was at work – until she got a good look at the cat’s glittered face!

  2. I have cat she never comes inside the house. Unless it rains she gets wet then I carry her in towel and dry her off.

  3. Yep,I woke this morning to my tree on the floor when it was on the table,my decor all over the living room and the mini led lights were chewed up so I got a garbage bag and tossed all of the decor and tree into the bag and now no more tree,thanks Ailbe,Molly,Angus and Suzie

  4. My tree skirt kept getting messed up! I thought I had a ghost until I walked in on the cat sleeping under the tree one day!!! Mystery solved!!!

  5. If you have a cat or dog (or more of each) you can’t help but laugh with your whole being! Absolutely funny and love each pic!

  6. If you have a dog and you also put chocolate into stockings, keep the stockings out of reach. I had a dog that would chew thru the stockings, the chocolate wrappings and make himself sick and in pain eating the chocolate. It can make them seriously ill.

  7. My second year with no tree,because of Buddy the cat.These pictures are very familiar,funny?,not so funny?,I love my cat more than a tree,soooo!!MERRY CHRISTMAS anyway,GOD BLESS!!

  8. Had a cat and a tree once. I was convinced that red made my cat mad, because all I had on the tree were red satin-covered styrofoam balls.

  9. Cats are notoriously critical, they’re just making a statement about you having a “fake” tree, so they are just helping you take down the old one so you can start over again. They think real trees are much more festive…

  10. Love the pics and have been through destroyed trees. I love my kitties and finally got one of those 5 ft wall trees so problem solved!

  11. Cats were always banished to other side of hpuse when tree was up. When we first had one cat. Tree remained intact all season. By the time cats 2, 3 and 4 came alonh…..banishment

  12. Black cat is just like our cat (Keith, Trey, Dan). He has not destroyed tree yet, but we shall see. He is infatuated with the tree.

  13. Have full size tree and so far only lost 2 bulbs. They do like to sleep under the tree on the tree skirt. I use to put out a lot of nativities. Lost baby Jesus. I asked one cat where is baby Jesus he looked up the steps went up and there was the other cat with baby Jesus under his paw. Took it back and went down and the other cat had knocked all the other pieces off. Packed it up and put It away.

  14. I have an orange cat. When he hears me coming he hides so just his rear sticks out. Reminds me of a child that covers their eyes and thinks you can’t see them. Hilarious!

  15. We had up to 16 cats but they didn’t mind the Christmas trees, ever… anyway we had to fix the tree to the wall for several years – because of our three kids… When they were small, they couldn’t resist to try pulling ornaments off, with the whole tree falling allong…

  16. No doubt. I never was fond of cats to begin with. If this was my cat we’d be on our way tothe animal shelter in the blink of an eye.

  17. I solved that problem – NO TREE this year. I am lucky anyways, Otis doesn’t destroy anything in the house He loves the company, he thinks my big fish tank was put in just for him to watch.

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