The Worst Halloween Costume Knock-Offs Ever

Halloween is approaching rapidly and most costume stores are filled with the same 20 outfits, but some design companies have found a way around this with fresh, slightly off-brand Halloween costume knock-offs that aren’t really fooling anyone. Scroll down to see the funniest and dumbest of them all.

Pubescent frog of silent war.


A-lad-in a costume.

Where's the stripey dude?

Men's out of space costume.

Video game guy.

Blockhead costume.

Minegame kid's costume.

Blue speed mouse.

Alterego green villain.

Dead parents hero and misfit sidekick.

Brave warrior America.

Hermany Grinder costume.

Hungry rebel girl.

Men's red clothes.

Stalker costume.

Mischevious worker and wizzrd boy.

Unusual events adults wig.

Cyber man or padre.

Juice demon.

Pete the plumber.



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  1. Not-as-obvious houseplant March 24, 2019

    At least one of these is an intended joke, as you can see Obvious Plant’s logo and name on it.

  2. MidnightStar July 30, 2020

    this should be ILLEGAL

  3. A happy vegetarian August 26, 2020

    Yes, the Hermany Grinder one

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