15 thoughts on “Hilariously Bad Knock-Off Halloween Costumes”

  1. They don’t want to pay extra to use the correct names…. don’t want to get sued…… come up with funny substitute names.

    Well done.

  2. They could have called the last one “Aladdin”. That’s a character from 1001 Arabian Nights,I’m not sure when that was written but it was translated into English in 1704 so before then, I think the copyright has expired. Disney does not own the name “Aladdin”.

  3. I work with the FBI on a joint task force that prosecutes falsification of intellectual property, and I can assure you, this is no laughing matter. We track down corrupt textile plants often hidden in hostile jungles, guarded by criminal cartels. Often these plants and cartels team up in powerful alliance. My partner Dwayne Forsythe went down on a raid of the Juice Demon/Mischevious Worker production plant and Ecuador. Took a hollow point to the lower spine and will never walk again. He remains dedicated to the cause as an ops coordinator. Many have been not so lucky and have lost their lives. The 2017 raid of “Adult Bat Hero” was a massacre from which the department, quite frankly, has never recovered from. Honor the memory of many lost and salute the courage of the good men and women who are protecting your world from falsified amusement properties by ALWAYS buying the bonafides.

  4. Gotta be some kind of special to take a bullit for someone making fake cheap costumes…I could see if we were talking about a drug lab or something of that nature but come on!
    Knock-off costumes? doesn’t the FBI have better things to do?

  5. Hmm…what about instead of Ewoks they had “Primitive fighting outer space bear”?
    Or a light blue track suit with stripes for “Cephalopod competition” (Squid Game)?

  6. Poor Captain America is both constipated and has a left hand where his right should be. : (

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