6 thoughts on “ChatGPT Memes That Were Created by Humans”

  1. I used ChatGPT to write a comment for this post and now I sound like Kamala Harris.

  2. @Toothless Joe
    But at least you spelled everything correctly. No wonder authors are flocking to ChatGPT.

  3. What passes for official journalism these days can only be improved by ChatGPT. We no longer need to pay media employees to tell us what we need to think. Bullsh!t can now be generated automatically and at scale. The move to the Dark Side is almost complete. All we need now are robot dogs with guns… oh wait!…

  4. You don’t need to study AI theories in order to know that the ability to talk doesn’t make you intelligent. You can watch fox news instead.

  5. Watching any of the major news outlets in the USA will turn your brain to mush. Fox, M$NBC, CNN – Maddow, Hannity, Zakaria, etc are all equally vomit inducing. We may as well have ChatGPT avatars for these dung-heap denizens. It would be a step up from the useless word salad spewed by these MIC-CIC tools.

  6. You just have to read the comments section to see how screwed we are. “Revolution” (nothing personal) cannot distinguish between pundits, so they are “equally” vomit-inducing. The internet age (yes, going back to the 90’s) has left us unable to evaluate any sense of scale – a sex scandal and a $3 trillion illegal invasion of a country become pretty much the same thing.

    That lack of critical thinking skills makes AI so dangerous once you look for 5 minutes into the potentials of political ads, “deep fake” blackmail, terrorists cells, identity theft, and so on.

    We may have the tech at our disposal, but we’ve clearly shown that we lack the morality and/or sense of judgment to use it. As funny as AI-generated humor my be, we have maybe 10 years tops before this comes crashing down on us hard.


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