13 thoughts on “Awkward Trend: Cat Mohawks”

  1. People doing this to their cats is just cruel. These cat owners are pathetic!

  2. The cats don’t seem to mind, except perhaps the Persian, but they always look grumpy.

  3. My cat loves it when I cut his sides because they felt fast. So he’s already trendy for years.

  4. 1) Some owners shave their cats for comfort in hot seasons and for easy grooming. Adding some style is just the next iteration, and
    2) Didn’t we already see these in an earlier post?

  5. Colouring a cats fur is solely for human entertainment – I can’t believe a cat would enjoy it either

  6. Brian Stanbrook, there are worse things people could do, and they do every day. Unless the cat is totally traumatized, and I don’t know how one would get such a beautiful cut if they were, no harm done. Relax.

  7. You just know all these cats are thinking “No, No. It’s cool. Why don’t you just.. go to sleep…”

  8. I actually just had my cat mohawked. But it was because he has stomatitis and is a long haired cat. He got out of the house and came back with matts I could not comb out because he cannot groom himself as well as he could if he didn’t have stomatitis. This is a cat I rescued and he has had issues with his gums, teeth, and tongue since before I found him. He was skin and bones at 4lbs when I got him. I guess I could have shaved his entire body the exact same length but I don’t think he cares that he has some floof up top! And he can get around better and we can enjoy snuggling him more. And, best of all, it will grow back!

  9. I havevLways been a bit of a punk rock princess. My cat has been Shedding non stop. So I had the thought of giving hom a Mohawk for the summer and came across this forum in my search for style ideas. Some of those kitties look so embarrassing, but a few of them look really awesome!

  10. Me and my cat Ziggy have a strong telepathic bond and she has been asking me to style her fur in a Meow-Hawk….now that we know this is possible I just gotta find the right groomer…yeah I think it looks way cool. and if the kitty wants it, why not?

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