Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Cats In Their Lives

Dad logic is a weird thing. We already posted a gallery about dads who didn’t want dogs, now it’s time to take a look at dads who “hate” cats.

As told by pinche_whey


Dad vs. cat.
As told by grapefruitmaven

Dad vs. cat.
As told by laurieatari

Dad vs. cat.
As told by ned883

Cat hater.
As told by lily_r_g

Dad vs. cat.
As told by kariiann

Dad vs. cat.
As told by meoconus

Cat hater.
As told by Scarlett_fever

Dad vs. cat.
As told by EuqirnehBR97

That was quick for the guy who said he wasn’t a cat person and has not ever liked them.
As told by MamaTexTex

My dad who said she could stay for one week. It’s been ten years now.
As told by abiicee

over a year after Dad finally said ok to our (his) cat.
As told by kerrycooper

Cat vs. dad.
As told by EricSaysHey

Best buds.
As told by Xerces_Blue

Dad vs. cat.
As told by hughjackmansbiceps

Sofa destroyer.
As told by Ice_Ice_Goose

Dad vs. cat.
As told by tgejesse

My dad complains that Remus lays in his lap anytime he sits down. This is the smile I got after saying how jealous I am.
As told by pootykitten

He was a firm opponent of the hairless cat but skin to skin is the best way to connect.
As told by literallyironic11

Dad vs. cat.
As told by DragonpaladinAlaine

Cat hater, lol.
As told by kipperkins



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  1. Anonymous November 26, 2020

    Most of my life, my dad was the guy that jumped up from the dinner table to put the garden hose on neighborhood cats, and when I left home to work on the road I had to leave my own cat with my parents. In my absence, my mother told me that my cat and my dad became close companions, and as a ritual would sprawl out on the sofa together daily between 2:00-4:00!!!

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