Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Cats In Their Lives

Dad logic is a weird thing. We already posted a gallery about dads who didn’t want dogs, now it’s time to take a look at dads who “hate” cats.

Dad vs. cat.
As reported by pinche_whey

Dad didn’t want Kissems. Naturally, Kissems loves dad the most.
As reported by platonicnut

He "hates" this cat.
As reported by lily_r_g

Dad vs. cat.
As reported by kariiann

He's allergic.
As reported by Scarlett_fever

Linus ftw.
As reported by EuqirnehBR97

Typical cat hater.
As reported by MamaTexTex

Stupid cat!
As reported by ned883

Two weeks.
As reported by tgejesse

Grumpy cat hater.
As reported by EricSaysHey

Making pancakes together.
As reported by Xerces_Blue

Cat vs. dad.
As reported by laurieatari

No animals in the house!
As reported by meoconus

Mr. I will never have a cat. 13 years together.
As reported by tloliver

He didn’t want a cat because cats wreck furniture…
As reported by Dizzy_Journalist4486

Dad vs. cat vs. sofa.
As reported by Ice_Ice_Goose

Cat vs. dad.
As reported by hughjackmansbiceps

Dad vs. cat.
As reported by literallyironic11

Cat hater in action.
As reported by DragonpaladinAlaine

Dad vs. cat.
As reported by pootykitten

Dad vs. cat.
As reported by kerrycooper

Dad vs. cat.
As reported by grapefruitmaven

16 thoughts on “Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Cats In Their Lives”

  1. My dad used to say The Only Good Cat is a Dead Cat. Then my sister brought Sophie home for the summer after her first year at college. Dad would not let my sister take her back into the city (Chicago) for the next school term.

    One year later, Sophie was joining my dad at the breakfast table. Dad made sure Sophie had four different kinds of dry cat food. Sophie slept on a pillow in their bedroom. This was 40 years ago.

  2. We have two cats here, Lilo and Etta. A bonded pair that I adopted from a rescue shelter going two years ago. My husband was “anti-cat”, but “The Duo” follow him around when he’s up and about – supervising him when he’s working out in the yard. They talk to him when he’s getting ready for work. He now wants an update on them when he checks in during his lunch break. Since I am retired and at home, they generally are within about [yup, just checked] about 6 feet of me.

    Just a wonderful addition to the house.

  3. Im also a dad I said and I felt the same about getting a cat. In fact I was sooo angry inside though smart enough to be quiet. Now I’m in love with our cat. Best decision ever.

  4. Love all of these stories! Kitties always steal our hearts and it’s usually the person that did not want them!

  5. The problem with cats is that you don’t adopt them, they adopt you and then the game is over! 💕😽

  6. Genuine cat haters are few. Cat-ignorant are many. Convert them, intelligent fuzzballs, and claim your territories!

  7. I’ve always been a cat person, I’m 65 now, and wouldn’t know what I’d do with out a cat. I’m very fond of female Manx cats, they generally are Mens cats. Good stress relievers.
    My wife of 42 years, has learned to put up with my cats.

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