Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Cats In Their Lives

Dad logic is a weird thing. We already posted a gallery about dads who didn’t want dogs, now it’s time to take a look at dads who “hate” cats.

As told by pinche_whey


Dad vs. cat.
As told by grapefruitmaven

Dad vs. cat.
As told by laurieatari

Dad vs. cat.
As told by ned883

Cat hater.
As told by lily_r_g

Dad vs. cat.
As told by kariiann

Dad vs. cat.
As told by meoconus

Cat hater.
As told by Scarlett_fever

Dad vs. cat.
As told by EuqirnehBR97

That was quick for the guy who said he wasn’t a cat person and has not ever liked them.
As told by MamaTexTex

My dad who said she could stay for one week. It’s been ten years now.
As told by abiicee

over a year after Dad finally said ok to our (his) cat.
As told by kerrycooper

Cat vs. dad.
As told by EricSaysHey

Best buds.
As told by Xerces_Blue

Dad vs. cat.
As told by hughjackmansbiceps

Sofa destroyer.
As told by Ice_Ice_Goose

Dad vs. cat.
As told by tgejesse

My dad complains that Remus lays in his lap anytime he sits down. This is the smile I got after saying how jealous I am.
As told by pootykitten

He was a firm opponent of the hairless cat but skin to skin is the best way to connect.
As told by literallyironic11

Dad vs. cat.
As told by DragonpaladinAlaine

Cat hater, lol.
As told by kipperkins



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  1. Anonymous July 28, 2020

    Just shows the power cats have over hooman! 🐈😸🐈

  2. Anonymous July 28, 2020

    Lovely, all of them! Cats rock!

  3. Joseph C. Merrick July 28, 2020


  4. Doodpants July 28, 2020

    Most of these guys apparently changed their mind about cats, but I have doubts about the one guy who’s wheeling the cat towards the flaming barrel…

  5. Anonymous July 28, 2020

    Hahahaha so cute

  6. Polly July 29, 2020

    Strange how they are all men – cat wins every time

  7. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    My parents took in my two cats “temporarily” to help us out when we couldn’t keep them. Now that we are in a place that we can care for them again, he tells me to get new cats, those two are his now, LOL

  8. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    No one is a ‘cat person’ until they get a cat 💕

  9. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    Everyone is a cat person. They just might not know it yet.

  10. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    My parents didnt want another cat after my childhood pet died a few years ago, but looked after my cat while I temporarily lived in a flat, now I’m back in a house with a garden and could have her, she’s not ‘my cat’ any more!

  11. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    Hubby very reluctantly said ‘yes’ to a cat 50yrs ago (He was a ‘Dog person’ but as we both worked couldn’t have one) Fast forward some yrs & having had 9 cats !!(4 at one time & most of them rescues or unofficial strays!!) I’m less important than all of them. If one decides to stay out all night ,climb a tree & get stuck? wees or throws up furballs on the carpet ,guess who has to sort it for ‘Poor puss’??

  12. Kenneth Prang Norup July 29, 2020

    Just shows the Best way to be Come a cats Best friend is to Lie and say you hate cats.

  13. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    My dad too. Funny how that goes.

  14. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    Dads are funny creatures!

  15. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    I absolutely love cats. I got the first one of my eighty years a year ago.

  16. Anonymous July 29, 2020

    It started with you not going to bring that F$)(:?g cat home…to we have to get a Daddy cat. 12 years later she has since passed but we still have the Daddy cat and 3 of their children and two stays all in the house!

  17. Angel July 29, 2020

    This is the way to my heart. Seeing men who love cats. There is nothing better.

  18. Bob’s daughter July 30, 2020

    My dad didn’t want a cat but allowed it to make my mom happy. Seven years later this cat gets my dads seat at the counter and he calls her his princess.
    “Dad, you don’t call me princess”
    “well, you’re not as good as this cat”

  19. Ramesh July 30, 2020

    We have 6 cats 2 dogs and one wife in the house. All walk-ins. Now I feed the animals and Wife feeds me. It’s 37 years since our marriage and 10 years since the first cat walked in malnourished. All live happily together now 😄

  20. David July 30, 2020

    Ah, but people forget how they all say “Dad, can we have this pet? We promise to feed it and change its litter tray” but it’s Dad who ends up looking after the pet, loving it, and ultimately being the one taking it to the vet when it’s at the end of its life.

    Also … women and children typically put Dad last in their ranking of family members so it’s the pet who ends up showing Dad the most affection.

  21. Justin Schlumpf July 30, 2020

    My Dad always said he had no use for cats. When I was an adult and he came to visit my three cats were all over him so I quickly said I’d put them in another room, his comment was “They know who they want, leave them be.” Loved my Dad!

  22. Vanessa July 30, 2020

    I took in a stray little did I know she was pregnant with a litter of 6 , husband don’t even think about it we are not keeping any. Cats protection took mom and 4 boys was supposed to come back week after for the 2 girls, that was four years ago 😁😁😁😁😁

  23. Mom July 30, 2020

    Mom of cats: My Dad did not like cats, but when my sister went off to college, he was left with her cat who always got a scrambled egg for her breakfast. Guess who kept scrambling her egg each morning….being careful not let her eat it until it had cooled…..

  24. Anonymous July 30, 2020

    My Dad sat on the floor because he was scratching my cat who was occupying his chair. This man “hates cats”…. Right

  25. Trevor Penne July 30, 2020

    Always cute to see pictures of owners and their humans.

  26. Anonymous July 30, 2020


  27. Tink July 30, 2020

    But how did you get all those dads to agree to a cat in the first place?
    Please, I need tips….

  28. Anonymous July 30, 2020

    Soooooo cute!

  29. Anonymous July 30, 2020

    We both love our two cats even though he never wanted a cat, now we have two

  30. Anonymous July 30, 2020

    My husband swore up & down he was a dog person. Never had, wanted, or needed a cat. I am a cat person. Had 20+ through out my life so far. Part of my therapy was to get an animal. So my husband found brother and sister kitties that needed a home. 2 years later they love him to death & he spoils them rotten. Unfortunately he still calls the bad names.

  31. Milo July 31, 2020

    good thing dogs and cats do not understand dadlogic talk…

  32. BJFite July 31, 2020

    11 years ago someone dumped a kitten at the home if a woman I was caring for. My husband and I are allergic to cats so he was not pleased at all when I brought him home. I took him to our vet to treat an URI and then to Operation Pet to get him neutered. My ntention was to take him to a rescue but there had been 2 raids in cat girders and none of the rescues had room. I came home with the “bad” news to find my husband in his recliner and KitKat snoozing on his lap. My husband looked up at me and said” I think we’ll keep him”

  33. Anonymous July 31, 2020

    I was so excited to get a cat so that I could cuddle with him like all these photos. My cat won’t hang out on my lap, won’t sleep with me, won’t cuddle with me, and only likes to be pet and touched every once in while when he feels like it. If I try to put him on my lap or on my chest he squirms and runs away. These photos of cuddly cats hanging out on dad’s laps and sleeping on their arms and chest make me so jealous. This is not how all or even most cats are :(

  34. Doron July 31, 2020

    a cat purring is the sweetest sound in the world.

  35. Karen July 31, 2020

    Anonymous is right, there are so many uncuddly cats out there, unfortunately. Our first cat would lay down on my legs if I was lying down, but she wouldn’t go near our daughter, the person for whom the cat was acquired! Cat #2 is still with us, and she’s a lot more cuddly, but she can suddenly wake up and jump off my lap (or chest, or arms) in less than a second. Makes me feel like a springboard in a gymnastics studio. But I’ve already informed my husband that when she goes (she’s 17, but still pretty lively), we get another one! Cats are too irresistible for their own good!

  36. Michelleishappy July 31, 2020

    My Dad was the same. He always said that the only good cat was a dead cat. Fast-forward several years. After a major stroke, Dad used a lift chair. Mom took pity on the outdoor kitten across the street, who’s food kept getting eaten by big kitties. So Mom put food out for him. Dad was shocked, and said, “well congratulations. You now have a cat.” Then one day the cat felt our a/c. He began knocking on our door with his paws, to be let in. THEN the cat liked Dad’s lift chair. They would fight over it. Later, they reached a compromise, and began sharing the chair. Freckles would sleep next to Dad, and Dad would pet him with his working hand. Dad died in 2013. When Mom laid out Dad’s suit on the hospital bed, to take it to the funeral home, she found Freckles sitting on the suit! He had never been on that bed before. For a long time, Freck avoided the lift chair. It was no longer enjoyable without his buddy, Dad.

  37. Christina Wood July 31, 2020

    We had an old cat who moved in with us some years ago when he was about 19 years old. He moved for retirement, since he could no longer beat up the young toms at the neighbor’s barn. About the same time, my husband went through chemo therapy. Well, the two old gentlemen went through the winter together supporting each other and keeping each other company. Well the old tom lived about two more years and my husband cried when he took in in to the vet for the final time.

  38. Anonymous July 31, 2020

    Have four, two were by choice, two were rescued, only one gets to call the the rocking chair (in the house) his!

  39. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    That orange cat make me miss my tiger cat 😢😭

  40. Lesley Burns August 1, 2020

    Works every time, all my cats have been on just one night basis hmmmm

  41. Ben August 1, 2020

    Men, accept challenges hences we learn to like things we never liked b4. We don’t shun until we have tried.

  42. Steffer August 1, 2020

    All great posts!

  43. Me August 1, 2020

    Our cat who adopted us, won my husband over cause he said she was more like a dog. We would let her out in the evenings so she could do her business, but also was the neighborhood cat. Our neighbors would come by to make sure she was ok cause she hadn’t come by to say hello. Anyway one evening she hadn’t come back and it had begun to rain. Then it started to pour! My husband kept asking if she had come back. I told him she’ll hunker down and wait it out then come back. To which he replied incredulously ‘You’re not going to look for her?!’ I told him she’ll be fine….he laid in bed for a moment, jumped up put on his shoes and coat and went out in a storm to look for her. She was home before he was….

  44. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    They can change the mind of many can’t they!

  45. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    Toxoplasma gondii claims its latest set of mind-control victims via one of its favorite vectors, the domestic cat.

  46. Anonymous August 1, 2020

    We think one of our cats (Charlie) was dumped by someone (12 yr’s ago) that didn’t want him. And our other one (Tucker) just wandered into the garage during a storm one night and decided to make our place his home now.

  47. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    I have had cats and dogs all of my life growing up. They were usually strays or from farm litters that my aunt would bring by. When I got married thirty plus years ago, my husband claimed that he was very allergic to animals especially cats and so I got dogs during our first ten years. Unfortunately for hubby, he forgot our twentieth Wedding Anniversary and so fast forward to Mother’s Day, cat number one came into our lives. Cisco was a beautiful classic tabby with what hubby called “bullseye” patterns he claimed would be excellent for target practice! Next came a fleebit little mess of gray called Wheezer who was found by our eldest son on Craigslist. When Cisco died suddenly of an illness after seven years with us, we found a couple of farm cats to ease Wheezy’s loneliness. Hubby knew my daughter and I were going to see a man about a cat. When he got home later, he saw one cat and then another. His exact words were D@&$! Two cats!!! Leia and Vader are two of sweetest cats ever. Leia has claimed hubby as hers. She cries like a young child wanting to be picked up and cuddled by her Daddy. And funny thing is hubby has yet to show his allergies!!! Two quick tips. To decrease developing allergies, we have always bathed our cats at least once a month from the time they were kittens. Plus we don’t let them go outside and bring in allergens. The other point is that cats only meow to humans. We can either socialize them to fear us or cuddle with us. The younger the cat is, the more social it can become. Make sure your kitten gets at least three months of Mother time before you Adopt him or her so that it develops a sense of security. We think Wheezer needed more Momma bonding since he was the runt of the litter and has been the less social of all our kitties. I once read that highly intelligent people enjoy the company of felines. People who need their egos stroked get dogs!

  48. Anonymous August 2, 2020

    I think cats like adult men because the cats are attracted to men’s “smells!”

  49. Anonymous August 9, 2020

    It’s what cats do.

  50. yo September 25, 2020

    10 years from then it’s brain parasites, blindness or dementia from letting the cats around the house licking, peeing and shitting on everything.

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