Funny Canadian Memes To Brighten Your Day

Why are Canadians so polite? When it’s freezing outside, they have to rely on each other to survive. So they learned a long time ago that it’s much easier to get along and help each other out than to be rude and grumpy all the time. Plus, Canadians also have a secret weapon: maple syrup. They put it on everything, and it just makes them all so happy and friendly.

Canadian vandalism.

Canadian riot.

The perks of being a Canadian...

Bear at door.

Canadian security.

Just a Canadian holding his healthcare bill after going to a doctor.

Meanwhile in Canada #19degrees #summerloving

I left coffee in my car last night… Still want to come to Canada?

Hotels in Canada...

Meanwhile, in Canada...

Let’s have a game of “Spot the Canadian”, shall we…?

Call me racist, but...

Canadian drive-through.

You know you're in Canada when hockey sticks are specifically listed as potentially lethal weapons.

What the heck kind of dog is this?

A guy in Yaletown put his dog on a parked police bike so he could take a photo. A cop came over to intervene... and offered to put his helmet on the dog for added authenticity. I love Vancouver.

Holy shit I thought I got a ticket but realized I live in Canada.

Canadian parking.

In Canada we like to play the annual game called, "Am I on the Road?"

Only in Canada.

A typical Canadian salad

Canadian #MAGA hat.

You know you're in Canada when...people are drinking maple syrup on the street.

Canadian road rage.

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