There Are Now Camping Crocs That Have Built-In Survival Tools

What happens when Crocs with spurs¬†are just not ridiculous enough for your taste? That’s when someone comes up with these. They are called Campsite Classic Clog, and they’re sold by a UK company End Clothing. These unique camping Crocs come with a waterproof sleeve-like attachment that makes them fully waterproof up to just above your ankles, plus they have slew of survival tools integrated right into the Crocs. These survival Crocs might be an eye-sore to anyone who already hates Crocs, but should feel right at home to Croc enthusiasts.

Are you man enough to fill these Crocs?

You can fully remove the waterproof sleeve inserts along with survival tools if you’d like to take them into sport mode when you don’t need them, but then just slip the inserts back in and reattach your tools when you’re looking to take them into utility mode when hiking, camping, or just doing some light surviving in the wilderness.

Crime against fashion.

Survival Crocs.

Tools on the camping Crocs include a flashlight, paracord, a compass, and a few other various adornments “that would often be deemed essential on a weekend camping trip”.

Camping Crocs.

You can order this crime against fashion on manufacturer’s website here, but at the time of making this post they’re sold out. Apparently, there are a lot of people who are willing spend their hard-earned cash to humiliate themselves in public.

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  1. Anyone dumb enough to buy these crocs sure as hell won’t have the know-how to use the survival tools on them.


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