24 thoughts on “Hilariously Bad Bootleg Toys”

  1. I pity the fool that doesn’t buy me a mighty car!

    Most of these seem super old, but they are hilarious.

  2. I bought a handheld game in Taiwan in 2002. It’s called “Laden vs USA”, featuring pics of Bin Laden and Bush on the front panel, and of course the burning towers.
    You play the submarine.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmm… I wonder what Mr. T would think of himself as more than a van hood ornament? This is one reason that I’m glad that I did not mass produce my patent in China.

  4. The “furniture” of law enforcement. Don’t forget to buy his partner, Coppee Table.

  5. – A Thomas the Tank Engine? I’m too old for that, I’m into Transformers now!
    – Well …

  6. 19 Apr 2022

    The Megason- The biggest product in the child market! Comes in a box along with the game console, plays games on the game console, doesn’t call your name every few seconds! Comes with 3500 in built-games, he won’t ever ask for instructions! Adjust to your age of choice! Fully detachable from the floor! No crying, no feeding, no mess! Only fun!

    Only 999,999,999 USD! Get him today! Don’t forget the Minisister, the girl that fits in your pockets!

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