You Can Get a Tiny Brush That’s Specially Made To Clean Out Your Belly Button

Is there any better feeling in the world than pulling out a monster lint ball from the deep chasm of a belly button? No, probably not. Well, now you can retrieve said lint balls with these new amazing mini lint brushes that are made specifically for belly buttons. It’s called the Belly Button Lint Brush, it’s made by Etsy seller MaggiesCraftSale, and they come in a variety of different colors to clean out the belly button in whatever your preference may be.

Belly button brush in action.

They say modern problems require modern solutions, and that’s pretty much what you’re getting when you get a belly button lint brush. A perfect gag gift for someone who’s always pulling random items from their belly button, or perhaps a real solution to someone with chronic belly button lint problems, the belly button lint brush might just be an item you never knew you needed.

Belly button brushes in various colors.

The belly button lint brush looks somewhat like a super tiny toilet scrubber, and is made from a pipe cleaner with a wood handle, and is elegantly finished in a color of your choosing. Even though it may never get used, it’ll sure get a laugh when someone opens it up as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. As the seller states: “These are made for fun and humor. It is not recommended for real use.”

Belly button lint brush.

If you feel like you need this useful item in your life (and in your belly button), you can get it on Etsy for around $3.

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  1. Reminds me of an old one-liner: She was only the admiral’s daughter but her naval base was full of discharged seamen.

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