Barbenheimer: The Funniest Barbie vs. Oppenheimer Memes

Suits and cigarettes: check. Rollerskates and a Walkman: check. Here are the best memes and Twitter reactions to the simultaneous releases of the films Barbie and Oppenheimer. Many are looking forward to watching the two films back-to-back to get the unique chance to feel that life in plastic is fantastic, and to become death, the destroyer of worlds – both in the same day.

Their entire lives have led up to the Oppenheimer / Barbie release

my Barbenheimer merch arrived

Me on Barbenheimer day.

The Barbie/Oppenheimer crossover has begun

Me walking out of Oppenheimer to watch the Barbie movie...

Barbie & Oppenheimer audience at the parking lot of a theatre on July 21st

One ticket to Oppenheimer, please.

Oppenheimer vs. Barbie.

My Barbenheimer itinerary: 10 am: brunch 12 pm: meditation 2 pm: Oppenheimer 5 pm: costume change 5:30 pm: nuclear disarmament 6 pm: Barbie 8 pm: karaoke 2 am: bed

we have the barbie/oppenheimer double feature at home

Barbie budget vs Oppenheimer budget

Me leaving Oppenheimer vs. me leaving Barbie

if oppenheimer came out in 1997, there probably would have been a burger king tie in meal called the whoppenheimer. sad our society has become too woke for that to happen

movie theater lobbies this weekend between showings

AMC is doing a split screen premiere of Barbie and Oppenheimer for neurodivergent moviegoers

my tshirt arrived

I believe movie theaters should be considering marketing a july 21st barbie/oppenheimer double feature as "boppenheimer" & sell it under one single ticket, just for the pleasure of hearing people say "yes I would like two tickets to the boppenheimer experience please"

Everywhere I go I see "Barbie vs Oppenheimer"

The Oppenheimer guys realizing that marketing for the Barbie film is also now marketing for their film for some reason

Leaving the Oppenheimer theater and heading to the Barbie theater

Fuck astrology are you a Barbenheimer (seeing Barbie before Oppenheimer) or an Oppenharbie (seeing Barbie after Oppenheimer), it says a lot about a person!

An actual quote by J. Robert Oppenheimer.

6 thoughts on “Barbenheimer: The Funniest Barbie vs. Oppenheimer Memes”

  1. When I was a kid, we put Barbie in a dark red bathing suit and pretended G.I. Joe killed her. And killed her some more. I’ll take Oppie. Or Deadpool’s Blind Date with Barbie.

  2. After so much of film history is littered with movies about men killing women, it is refreshing to see movies where A) everyone gets to die equally, or B) the woman gets to live fabulously. A great day in cinema!

  3. I can understand a studio backing Oppenheimer. But it’s absolutely unfathomable to me what kind of vainglorious, simple-minded minge would greenlight that pink dreck.


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