So Platform Crocs Are Now a Thing…

Remember the dark, dark day when Crocs came out? Middle-aged mums worldwide were immediately into them, knowing they’d be perfect for their gardening, while four-year-old kids could just about get away with them as they ran around the park.

After all these years, we thought Crocs quietly faded into obscurity, but it turns out that they’re not only very much alive and well, they also come as platform shoes these days. “Who would make such an atrocity?” you might ask.  Well friends, Balenciaga has your back. Balenciaga, if you’re not aware, is a Spanish fashion brand that’s basically just trolling everyone at this point, and the latest evidence is this monstrosity that costs $850. That’s right, PLATFORM Crocs for $850!


Seriously, what’s going on? People on Twitter are not shy to share their opinions.


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