Is This The Future of Men’s Fashion?

Featured below is a men’s fashion collection by Palomo Spain: a Spanish fashion label that offers a really odd take on how menswear should look in the future…


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  1. Fashion Sucks March 27, 2019

    Damn. I want my boyish figure back. Wouldn’t wear any of this garbage, though.

  2. paul January 13, 2020

    Like women s fashion on catwalk its outrageous and not many women would wear but it pushes the limits for all well done

  3. Ash April 20, 2021

    Some do feel awkward, but some of these are kind of fabulous. Obviously people don’t usually wear things straight off runway. These can inspire folks to pull from some of the concepts. I like the idea of menswear with more fun prints, loose & flowy aspects, punchy colors, a little bit of glamour. Some of these feel inspired by European royalty from generations past, which is fun.

  4. E December 18, 2021

    They missed Halloween

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