Foreigner Living In China Documents Their Funny Shirts

Shuang has been living in China for quite some time and in her Instagram account she provides cultural context for why things in China happen the way they do. Since her Instagram is not exclusively about fashion, we put together this gallery to show the funniest and most absurd outfit choices she has encountered.

If you're happy and you know it...

Ancient Chinese wisdom.

The right way to success.

Make America suck again.

When life gives you melons...

Cat shit every day.

I feel happiness when I eat potato.

I don't need life. I'm high on drugs.

Typical shirt in China. Makes zero sense.

The pig is full of many many cats.

I'll be a plastic toy.

Precise dwarf bravery.

The first beagle on the Moon.

Sometimes it happens the other way around.

Wish you were beer.

If I was a bird...

Pizza is life. Pizza is love.

Think less. Stupid more.

Make money not friend.

Kate Moss and some pizza slices.

Free is free...

11 thoughts on “Foreigner Living In China Documents Their Funny Shirts”

  1. We laugh at them for their clothes they laugh at us for the tattoos that we think say “Peace” but actually say things like “Hamburgers”

  2. Haha…I bet its a trend in China to have nonsense printed on the shirt. They know it and its funny shit to them.

  3. this is like having “犬は紫色の動きです” on your arm, and not knowing that it means the dog is a purple moving.

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