Apple Unveils Vision Pro, People Go Wild With Memes

Apple has recently revealed a new device at a not-so-friendly price point of $3,499. Known as Apple Vision Pro, it is an augmented-reality headset that allows users to blend the digital and real world. With the help of a 3D user interface controlled by the user’s eyes, voice, and hands, they can see and interact with digital content as if it was in their physical space. It’s expected to begin retailing in early 2024, but people have already started creating memes, making fun of its’ huge price and resemblance to a Black Mirror episode about dystopian future. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

After buying the Apple Vision Pro

Thanks to Apple Vision Pro we were able to cure our kid's debilitating iPad addiction and start having normal family dinners again.

The apple vision pro saved our relationship


She had to sell everything

Just bought a diving mask on Amazon so that I can look like an early Apple Vision Pro adopter.

This will be me at Starbucks when I get the Apple Vision Pro.

New Apple Vision Pro announced.

interviewer "are you reading from a script?" me: "no why"

Zuck after a decade and $50B spent on a VR platform watching Tim Cook scoop him with the category-defining Apple Vision Pro.

Shit I had an Apple Vision Pro in 1980.

Apple Vision Pro has accomplished the impossible. It's made even Google Glass look cool.

For $3500 the box better have $2500 in it.

Apple WWDC every year: "Rest in peace to like 1000+ startups."

Ahhh, the future is good!

Leaked footage of the Apple Vision Pro in action

For $3500 I will personally come to your house and move your couch closer to the TV

I can't wait to finally be able to focus during a conversation using Apple's new Vision Pro headset #WWDC23

I hope they include Steve Buscemi's eyes dlc on the new Apple Vision Pro

The $3,499 Apple Vision Pro will allow you to see how bad you are at personal finance

That Apple Vision Pro OS looks familiar.

When you’re on Facetime with the Vision Pro, Apple will show everyone else on the call an avatar that looks like you but without the huge glasses. Why is that? BECAUSE WEARING HUGE GLASSES WHILE INTERACTING WITH OTHER PEOPLE IS EXTREMELY AWKWARD AND APPLE KNOWS THAT.

My bank account after buying the Apple Vision Pro...

Can’t wait to spend $17,500 so the family can enjoy a movie together on our Apple Vision Pro’s

16 thoughts on “Apple Unveils Vision Pro, People Go Wild With Memes”

  1. The time is almost here when your real life is so crappy and poor that you have to be in VR 24/7.

  2. To Anonymous: The time is actually here when almost everyone’s real lives are so crappy and poor that we all have to be in VR 24/7. BTW, I also had the same Apple Vision, but in the 1970’s. And you’d better bet there’d better be $2,500.00 in cash in the box before I would buy it. If there wasn’t, I’d have to live in the damned box.

  3. Looks pretty smooth to me. Can’t really afford it, but the design is very apple. Another apple product I refuse to buy. Wish I had money to actually make the decision myself.

  4. You could buy this or for 20$ I’ll move your couch closer to the tv make ur choice.

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