Americans Will Use Anything But The Metric System

In a world where the metric system is the universal language of measurement, there’s a small rebel faction that goes by the name… Americans. They will use literally anything but the metric system. How much does that car weigh? Oh, about 6,000 donuts. The Eiffel Tower? Oh, it’s roughly 13 dozens of pickup trucks tall. You get the idea. Scroll down to see the funniest examples of this phenomenon!

The “A” in America stands for “Anything but the metric system.”

Just use the metric system already.

Ah yes, Americans will use anything as a unit of measure so long as it's not the metric system

Ah yes. Washing machines. The universally accepted measurement for the volume of a sinkhole.

Anything but the metric system

I have huge new pills. *very ripe banana for scale

Make it make sense.

In case you're wondering what a "boulder the size of a large boulder" looks like. This.

Tonga volcano eruption can fill 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools

Rest of the world: uses metric system Meanwhile in the US:

When did “half the size of a giraffe” become a unit of measurement?

It’s officially 5 Pacificos deep.

Two ducks.

A "relatively rare" sighting was discovered this week: A massive stingray nearly the length of Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift's rumored beau.

BREAKING: The two sauces long kitten is now 5 sauces long

An asteroid the size of about 69 American alligators will pass by Earth on Tuesday

wake up babe new american unit of measurement just dropped

When you gotta show your homie how big your air fryer is, to scale.

wake up babe new measurement unit dropped

Americans will literally use anything but the metric system.

Everyone else: *uses the metric system* America:

14 thoughts on “Americans Will Use Anything But The Metric System”

  1. Sure… that’s all cute an’all… but how many freedom football fields per square hoof is the volume of an Empire state building times the length of a Boeing 727?! See?! Not that easy now, amirite?! ‘Murica for presiden!!!! Long live 6th of the januarie!!!!!

  2. The way Americans measure people is inaccurate. The person using American measurements needs a color swatch

  3. Doesn’t take a color swatch to know you’re an absolute cretin. 4 stone worth of sewage stuffed in a 1 stone sack.

  4. At MoMa, there is a photograph of a 1907 postcard known as “Apples Grown by Irrigation at Artesia, New Mexico.” It shows a “yard of apples.” As in apples next to each other, collectively measuring 3 feet long. It is comforting to know that our uniquely American unwillingness to use the base-10 system of measurement is steeped in a long tradition of dumb.

  5. As someone who has to work in both metric and standard, metric is so much easier and efficient. I wish we used it here in the states.

  6. The metric system: used by Europeans to produce crappy Fiats and tiny washing machines.

  7. Americans who hate metric love to forget that the US dollar is……metric.

    And despite that, those metric-hating people have kids working at fast food stores (and elsewhere) who still need the cash register to do the math for them!

  8. Elmer Fudge March 27, 2024: ‘Americans who hate metric love to forget that the US dollar is……metric.’

    So is 9 mm.

  9. “An asteroid the size of 69 Amercian alligators” … and then, “an Ariana Grande sized alligator” … so, the asteriod must have been the size of 69 Ariana Grande’s also? Or was it jus that one alligator that was the size of Ariana Grande? This measuring system is very complex.

  10. In Germany we use the Saarland as official measurement for Sizes biggger as an european Footballfield.

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