42 thoughts on “Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Ever”

  1. 1 was definitely the birds
    2 Rolling Stones
    3 Jefferson Starship
    4 Heart
    5 Sly and family stones
    6 the beatles
    7 three cat (?)
    8 Blondie
    9 4 chickens (?)
    10 Air supply
    11 help me out here.

  2. Cats in Snow – Björk
    Prairiedogsquirrels – oasis
    Giraffes – aerosmith
    Alpakas – kajagoogoo

  3. LOL!! Those were prairie dogs. Squirrels have ears on top of their heads. Prairie dogs look earless because their ears are small and on the side of the head. Trust me. My yard is overrun with squirrels.

  4. Never seen big bushy tails on a prairie dog before. Normally they have short slightly bushy ones Other than that tail….yeah the rest of them sort of look like prairie dogs.

  5. The cat on the stump with the dogs in the background looks like he’s taking a selfie.

  6. 13 Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the kangaroo seems to have something from Anthony Kiedis. Muscle guy

  7. 1) Dirty pigeons = Stone Roses
    2) Llama, sheep, buffalo, bird = Fleetwood Mac
    3) Cats and rottweilers = Television
    4) Snow cats = The Kills
    5) Penguin march = Artic Monkeys
    6) Cheeky prairie dogs = The Animals
    7) Ginger cats = Nirvana
    8) Pouty horses = The XX
    9) The clucks = The Clash
    10) Artsy giraffes = Talking Heads
    11) Cringey-pose pandas = Duran Duran
    12) Pensive baboon = Nick Cave
    13) Sex god kangaroo = George Michael
    14) Three imaginary pups = The Cure
    15) Shaggy sheep = Crosby, Stills and Nash
    16) Moody cats = Interpol
    17) Mullet alpacas = Hall & Oats
    18) Cooler than thou horses = Jesus and Marychain
    19) Bad ass cats = N.W.A.
    20) Selfie cat and his friends = Smashing Pumpkins
    21) Buffalo’s in the snow = Sigur Ros

  8. They are a type of ground squirrel… a whole nuther category of squirrel that is unlike regular tree squirrels which most people are familiar with.

  9. SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i showed it to my sister who dose not laugh a lot i she laughed so hard she could’t breathe!!

  10. OMG The 4th one is totally Simon and Garfunkel’s greatest hits! (a.k.a. Simon’s Cat and Garfield)

  11. 1. City Doves- Peckin’ Off
    2. The Farm Gang- The Misty Woods
    3. 2Dogs2Cats- Up a Stump Today
    4. The Furry Duo- SNOWFALL
    5. The Macaronis- Our Penguin Pack
    6. Ground Squirrel Time!- Heads or Tails
    7. The Trio of Gingers- Ginger Energy
    8. PRETTY PONIES- Bangs and Bobs
    9. Chicken Farm- Chicken Farm
    10. NeCkS- long
    11. Bamboo Pals- I Can Be a Panda
    12. Babu- The Monkey Prays
    13. Slick Kangaroo!- LUXE
    14. Precious Husks- Fluff Up Those Ears!
    15. Metalhead Sheep- yeah.
    16. Five Furry Friends- FFF Forever!
    17. As Much Bad Music As We Have Fur- Lite
    18. Neigh!- Backs to the Wind
    19. Feral At Heart- On Top
    20. Selfie Cat and Friends- Not Like Everyone
    21. Lorraine Bunny- Be Fancy But Be You
    22. Absolutely Fur- BULLS

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