Funniest Reactions To Andrew Tate Getting Owned by Greta Thunberg

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate tried to provoke the Swedish climate change activist by bragging about how many internal combustion engine cars he owns as well as asking for her email address so he could send her a “complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions”. Greta Thunberg replied with: “yes, please do enlighten me. email me at” Greta’s retort did now go well with Tate as he responded to it in a video and was seen making several hate comments against the climate activist. However, the clip featured two boxes of Jerry’s pizza, which has allegedly tipped off Romania authorities to his whereabouts. Soon after the Andrew’s arrest for human trafficking accusations, social media sites were flooded with hilarious memes about the whole row that went insanely viral online. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

So...Elon Musk let Andrew Tate back on Twitter, and Tate promptly used it to reveal his whereabouts to authorities in Romania who then arrested him. All because Greta Thunberg owned him so hard his little wee-wee fell off. Do I have that right? Please say I have that right.

Five stars!

BREAKING: Greta Thunberg response to Andrew Tate has been hung in the Louvre.

Andrew Tate’s Wikipedia has been updated …

I honestly expected more from Greta; she's an influential climate activist and here she is burning trash.

Andrew Tate owned so hard that the word "owned" is trending.

The arrest of Andrew Tate on suspicion of human trafficking is the REAL Pizzagate.

Owns 33 cars...

mother nature always wins

The magic of twitter is you can wake up not knowing who Andrew Tate is and go to sleep laughing at his tiny pecker.



I am convinced this dude is a Borat style character made up by some comedian who never meant for it to blow up this much and is now just having the time of his life acting like a giant prick all the time

Just In: Following the arrest of Andrew Tate, Greta Thunberg on list of Nobel Prize nominees for discovering method for getting trash to take itself out.

In a shocking turn of events Andrew Tate got his 34th car:

First time I've seen a kickboxer get knocked out without any thrown punches or kicks.

Andrew Tate fumbling with his 33 car keys, desperately trying to find the right ones as the Romanian Police close in

Live look at Andrew Tate getting ready for prison

men will make fun of women for believing in astrology and then give Andrew Tate $49.99/month to “escape the matrix”

I thought Jordan Peterson fans were sad. And then I found out about Elon Musk fans. And then I found out about Andrew Tate fans.

Who had "Greta Thunberg sends Andrew Tate to prison in Romania" on their 2022 bingo card?

I had literally never heard of Andrew Tate until he was murdered by Greta Thunberg this morning.

15 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions To Andrew Tate Getting Owned by Greta Thunberg”

  1. I’m with the last one. Never heard of the guy before his arrest. Guess I was in the best timeline for a while.

  2. you’d do best to keep political posts out of this site. You have a great pop-culture site here. It would be a shame if posts like this started diluting the great content you curate

  3. So, I’ve googled Andrew Tate for the last 15 minutes. Still don’t understand who the f*ck he is and why so many people know his name.

  4. I am amazed that so many people are aware of and fascinated by some ‘ social media star’..and now those people are also

    amazed by Andrew Tate,

  5. So, a self-absorbed tw-t like Tate gets in a d–k-wagging tweet-fight with a self-absorbed teenager, and this is the greatest thing to happen in 2022? What a year.

  6. Ok so essentially Andrew Tate is a former kick boxer that gained popularity after being on big brother. He is self described as “an alpha male” but he is extremely misogynistic. He earned a fan base through social media and because of his sexist tweets was removed from most websites.

  7. @Yolky – thanks a lot for an explanation. I was missing that data. Now I know why I didn’t knew about this guy;)

  8. Like most, I’d never heard of this guy. But you know how it is, you see a clip of some random nobody being a jerk and you can’t look away. Even having no idea what they may have done with their life up to that point, the endorphin rush of seeing them get annihilated by their own asshattery is just too good.

  9. From what it seems, Andrew Tate is what I always imagined watching any movie from “The Fast and The Furious” franchise would be like. I’m probably wrong, but there is a very good chance that I’ll never find out.

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