10 thoughts on ““Aborted Dreams” Instagram Account Has The Funniest Depressing Memes”

  1. May as well face facts: the latest generation’s asshattery isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. That’s what 20 years of Howard Zinn’s revision of history, social media, anti-heroes, and godlessness will do for ya. And just a few generations before, kids their age were saving the planet from Hitler and Hirohito, with none of the “poor me” bs.

  2. antisocial[ist]….Yup. I see it. Why do miserable f***s like you come to humor sites?

  3. I would guess that some people come to “humor” sites for humor. This post is anything but.

  4. It’s fat, non- binary, lie-haired douchebags posting their Ls. What’s not to love, Shauna?

  5. It’s sort of an “it’s funny because it’s an exaggeration of reality” sort of humor, but some are a bit less of an exaggeration to some people than others.
    Also, shout out to antisocial[ist] for continuing the 500+-year-old trend of thinking of the next generation as weak and foolish.

  6. Ok. Fun site. First comment though was a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Seriously, lighten up y’all. It’s a site about stupid signs. Get a grip and go get a life. And don’t bother replying to this comment. Cause just like every other normal person, I don’t care what your opinion is.

    Now be bless.


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