42 thoughts on “10 Questions That Atheists Can’t Answer”

  1. Lol! I think this is tongue in cheek : ) These questions are very old and have been answered! If this is the best they’ve got, then my money’s on evolution!

  2. The sad thing is there are too many religious nutcases out there who takes these questions seriously and think they are legitimately proving a point.

  3. “Whoever wrote this article…” someone thinks looking at pictures is reading. I thumb up, hilarious

  4. Hopefully a joke but for those who care…
    1. Humans did not come from monkeys. Humans and monkeys have a common ancestor.
    2. Mountains form extremely slowly, as in millimeters per millennia.
    3. No one does.
    4. New life can form in peanut butter because bacteria within the peanut butter (if present) are subject to the same laws of evolution. Spontaneous mutations that result in a life better suited to its environment will thrive.
    5. Because ancient Christians fought a lot and killed or imprisoned those with different beliefs. Their calendar prevailed as a result.
    6. No. Firstly, that’s not how any of that works. Secondly, this seems to align more with religious believes than any criticism of science.
    7. And a monkey’s hand and the shape allows bananas to grow close to each other in bunches.
    8. There was never nothing. The big bang states that all matter and energy was in one incredibly dense point.
    9. No one does.
    10. Again, monkeys did not give birth to humans but if they had it would have been another monkey and their offspring would have exhibited mutations that presumably made it better able to survive.

  5. I am an atheist but I answered them all.

    Believing in a God who never helps humans is for the “fairies at the bottom of the garden” people.

  6. According to the Jewish calendar the year is 5781, and in the Islamic calendar it’s 1442 so take your pick you god-less heathens lol

  7. True, bananas are easy to eat because of their shape and peel, but what about cows? Cows are really hard to eat.

  8. Explain the Cambrian Explosion – the explosion of animal life in virtually every conceivable body plan with no evolutionary precursors which utterly defies all naturalistic explanations.

  9. Commonsense demonstrates what an education does for you. You leave educated but stupid and lacking wisdom.
    1. Common ancestor, what might that be a Cuomo?
    2. Ever seen a new volcano form idiot. Doesn’t take tens of thousands of years, and if the geology is right you get entire ranges of them.
    3. I realize that in your neck of the woods bacteria is a treasured member of your family and community. In my neck of the woods that what lysol is for. No ducks do not evolve from peanut butter skippy.
    3. Evolutionists constantly tell is creatures are evolving though they can’t demonstrate these nor show changes due to evolution. Guess this is the reason Darwin admit he had no idea how the eye evolved. Love that mutation bs now if one believes that this would allow an individual to better survive point out an example in humans. Probably deafness after going to a rap concept.
    4. A sociology major with a minor in Islamist studies! The most advanced civilizations always show the way for mankind. This is the reason why we are not a cargo cult from New Guinea or following the electoral practices of Liberia although the Dems are striving to force these down our throats.
    5. Skippy has no answer so resorts to the usual answer he used on his sociology tests. No wonder he considered switching to majoring in Jerry Lewis films.
    6. Our resident biologist and science major tells us that fruits growing in bunches is somehow unique to bananas. Having never visited nor worked the land he is unaware of what vineyards, apple orchards, and various and sundry farms produce. His knowledge is deprived from visits to the supermarket. He was very annoyed when they removed the horse ride last year.
    7. Course there was never nothing trillions of years ago. We have Biden’s word on that.
    8. Yeah we know Dr. Fauci says you’re right. Its science and an attack on him is an attack on science. Last time I read something like that it was said to DaVinci by the Inquisition, but its science. Yeah we know. Put on your mask, get your shot and stick your papers skippy.
    9. Ever seen Mooochelle’s family. Proof positive I saw except her IQ is an insult to a monkeys. But who said evolution didn’t take steps to creature dead ends like that?

  10. Alot of scientists are saying that you cannot be a scientist and not believe there had to have been a creator. There are far too many coincidences in life for there not be be someone Holy Spirit or ?

  11. This is a curious mix of serious arguments — highly summarized and whimsically stated, but serious — and obvious jokes. Still, even the jokes are no sillier than the arguments that evolutionists make against the Bible.

  12. Wow, this post provoked a lot of responses. Unfortunately, I’m too shallow and uninterested to read them.

  13. @Obama’s boyfriend
    Common Sense stated facts, you said insults. This is what happens when you go full retard. Please educate yourself.

  14. I constantly laugh at Christians who say “So everything came from nothing?”. When you ask them “Where did your god come from?” they answer “He was always there.” Yeah, special pleading FTW.

  15. Here’s a question an atheist can’t answer: Why the f##k should I waste my time arguing with someone who believes in fairy tales?

  16. Man didn’t evolve from apes. Apes and Man evolved in different directions from a common ancestor. There, answered.

  17. Need some proof of evolution?

    Witness how COVID has been evolving, just like the flu does every year. The ‘variants’ are just mutations from the original that are better at surviving, which means they are more contagious. That’s why COVID is not going away this year even though we have so many people who have been vaccinated or have antibodies.

    Of course you can get variety from a common ancestor. Great Dane’s and Chihuahua’s came from the wolf.

    Google ‘superweeds’. Monsanto encouraged everyone to poison all the weeds and it just lead to some of them evolving. Now they are trying new poisons….. Ask a farmer.

  18. Entropy.

    Things break down over time, they don’t assemble themselves into remarkably intricate, self-preserving, interconnected, reproducing systems.

  19. Remember this blog being “sad and useless”? This post isn’t funny at all. Totally bullshit mix of long time not funny memes.

  20. I think all of these was not necessary,what I think is that we should praise the Lord for everything he had made for us. If atheism is not a religion, why are there people who follow atheism?

  21. after reading the comments here, i am more convinced than ever that the human species is headed for extinction.

  22. Bro this is wild. First guys, I wanna say that like each side has its fair share of arguments, but the thing is guys, I think we all need to calm down. After all, the questions “is god real”, or other arguments can still have arguments for those arguments etc. It can almost be an endless loop (depends). My point is that we should try to talk more civilized. I’m personally atheist, but I still think the people who are supporting god on her have fair arguments, but also, I have my own arguments for those arguments that also might be because of my opinions, but im not about to cuss somebody out for it. Just chill guys, and remember, the exsistance of god is something nobody will ever be able to answer.

  23. Also remember guys that we all have the freedom to belive in a religion or not, so dont get too heated on this bruh

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