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  1. Someone is getting a lot of serious money for this, and it’s not me:(

    • No money exchanged. This is an ancient custom in northern Europe. Maybe it is to celebrate life that is around them.

  2. ok then..lol

  3. that rubarb had to be heavy

  4. Where are they? I cannot see them… camouflaged too well I guess

  5. all I can think of is … Why?

  6. Any context for this? That would be nice.

  7. Northern Europe, re=enactment of ancient ritual, perhaps some sort of celebration of life.

  8. I´m from Sweden and I have NEVER come across old people camuflaged with sea weed. If it´s from Northern Europe it sure isn’t a big thing here anyway…

  9. Hey what have you done to my senile grandmother?

  10. I get the idea that once he started doing this, he couldn’t stop. It is original, creative and weird.

  11. I’m into these things

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