Old People Wearing Vegetation

Photographers Riitta Ikonenand and Karoline Hjorth have created an ongoing collaborative art project “Eyes as Big as Plates“. It features seniors wearing vegetation as clothes and/or large, unkept hairdos.



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  1. BeL October 28, 2014

    Someone is getting a lot of serious money for this, and it’s not me:(

    • Linda October 30, 2014

      No money exchanged. This is an ancient custom in northern Europe. Maybe it is to celebrate life that is around them.

  2. Andrea Davidson October 28, 2014

    ok then..lol

    • Linda October 30, 2014

      This is ancient ritual from northern Europe. Maybe was part of a ceremony to celebrate life once?

  3. Anonymous October 28, 2014


  4. lori October 28, 2014

    that rubarb had to be heavy

    • Sarah Jumel April 3, 2015

      Rhubarb Lady looks sort of annoyed . . . .Hurry up with your dang light meter, these are wilting and I have pies to make

  5. Wes October 28, 2014

    Where are they? I cannot see them… camouflaged too well I guess

  6. Lynne M-S October 29, 2014

    all I can think of is … Why?

    • Linda October 30, 2014

      Because they are re-enacting an ancient ritual, maybe some ancient celebration of life?

  7. Kal October 29, 2014

    Any context for this? That would be nice.

  8. Linda October 30, 2014

    Northern Europe, re=enactment of ancient ritual, perhaps some sort of celebration of life.

  9. Anneli November 5, 2014

    I´m from Sweden and I have NEVER come across old people camuflaged with sea weed. If it´s from Northern Europe it sure isn’t a big thing here anyway…

  10. sunniva December 19, 2014

    Hey what have you done to my senile grandmother?

  11. Bugs January 5, 2015

    I get the idea that once he started doing this, he couldn’t stop. It is original, creative and weird.

  12. Freddie Mead February 24, 2015

    I’m into these things

  13. Anonymous March 30, 2015

    Ha ha! Where are these people? The thing is, I think they’re taking themselves very seriously!

  14. Anonymous April 3, 2015

    Get loose and have fun! That’s great!

  15. anon April 3, 2015

    Linda seems super excited/fascinated about this ;)

  16. Tina April 4, 2015

    Loving the creativity!

  17. Pablo April 4, 2015


  18. caroline April 4, 2015

    Absolutely wonderful. thank you for sharing this. Bravo Bravo

  19. jane April 5, 2015

    love it! bonkers, we need more of this kind of madness, and would like to join in

  20. Gatoechado April 5, 2015

    the original Wicker Men worshipers!!!… Great!!!

  21. John April 30, 2015

    Nice pics

  22. Anonymous May 6, 2015

    How is this a thing?

  23. Billaaay July 26, 2015

    While nothing new – if you think about it – I strongly object to the word “old” … it suggests something not quite right with absolutely brilliant behavior …

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